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Pent Sheds

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Malvern Tidystore

A small and practical tool shed, this building is ideal for smaller gardens. Manufactured in deal (pine) or pressure treated deal, the TIdystore is availble in 3 widths: 3ft, 4ft and 6ft wide, with a standard depth of 3ft.

  • 3 sizes available
  • Choice of timber finishes
  • Solid timber floor and roof
  • Installation service available


GBC Coverdale

High security storage solution - ideal for high value items. wide double door access, 3 point locking system and integral door rain guard. 10 year manufacturer's warranty.

  • 6' wide
  • Integral metal floor
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Delivery included


Malvern Heavy-Duty Pent

The Heavy Duty Pent is built to last and features tongue and groove shiplap cladding, pre-treated with preservative, mortice lock, door fully framed, ledged and braced.

  • Choice of 5 Timber Finishes
  • Fully Framed Lockable Door
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Installation Service Available


Malvern Solar

A shed/greenhouse hybrid building. Staging is supplied across the width of the building, under the main window and is ideal for seedlings. Toughened safety glass as standard.

  • 6 sizes available
  • Choice of timber finishes
  • Heavy duty staging included
  • Installation service available


GBC Malhamdale

Choice of three colour finishes. Secure storage unit constructed with galvanised steel with double opening doors and full metal floor. 10 year anti-perforation guarantee. Just add your own padlock.

  • 5' 1" wide
  • Integral metal floor
  • Reinforced construction
  • Delivery included


Malvern Bewdley Pent

The Bewdley Pent shed is made to last with 12mm tongue and groove cladding and high quality mineral roof felt. Available in a range of sizes and timber options.

  • 8 Sizes Available
  • Choice of Timber Finishes
  • Lockable Door
  • Installation Service Available


GBC Airedale

Double door access plus gas assisted lift up roof. A heavy duty galvanised steel storage shed with three point locking system and reinforced roof. Three level 8 rated disc locks supplied.

  • 6' 9" wide
  • Integral metal floor
  • Gas assist lift up roof
  • Delivery included


LidgetCompton Shed/Workshop

Based on the five roof styles (Pent, Pent Mansard, Apex, Apex 15 and Apex 20), the LidgetCompton Shed/Workshop range has a wide range of sizes to suit any use.

  • Wide range of sizes
  • 5 roof styles
  • Concrete construction
  • Delivered and installed


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Pent Sheds

Pent sheds offer a traditional style of shed which is complimentary for many British gardens. They are all made to withstand any adverse weather conditioners, with the roof specifically designed to drain rainwater. The design of the pent shed means they are suitable for a number of purposes from being used for storage or as a potting shed; the choice is yours.

As opposed to an Apex shed, Pent sheds have a flat, sloping roof designed to effectively drain rainwater to prevent water damage. In addition to this, the edges of pent shed roofs tend to overlap the edges which gives extra protection when the shed is more exposed to the elements. Pent sheds are available in a variety of materials and offer customisation options for doors, windows and installation.

Wooden Pent Sheds

Wood tends to be the most traditional and popular choice for sheds in the UK. They are also easily customisable based on your needs and the purpose of your shed. When choosing a wooden pent shed, it is important that you consider the type of timber as this can have an impact on the durability and longevity of the shed. 

Metal Pent Sheds

Metal pent sheds offer a more modern look and are becoming increasingly popular. They are very durable and can withstand even the most severe weather conditions. 

Concrete Pent Sheds

For the ultimate longevity, concrete pent sheds are one of the most popular choices. Concrete sheds are designed to last and are the most durable in a number of weather conditions. 


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