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LidgetCompton Concrete Garages Range

LidgetCompton was formed from the successful merger of Compton Buildings and Lidget Concrete in 2011.  Previous market leading companies in their own right, the combination has made the most of almost 90 years combined experienced and created a company which is the largest sectional garage manufacturer in the UK.  LidgetCompton use the highest quality materials along with modern machinery and manufacturing methods.  When creating LidgetCompton buildings, engineers design with quality and customer feedback in mind.  Each building has been designed with thicker reinforced concrete panels for strength, robust galvanised steel rafters; thicker roof sheets; market leading pre-framed up and over doors and an improved roof design, all of which ensure that LidgetCompton buildings are designed to last.

Choose a LidgetCompton Concrete Garage and you have so many reasons to be confident you have made the right choice.

If you are not replacing an existing garage, it's very straightforward. If you have an old garage to dispose of, either corrugated iron, timber framed, brick or even an old concrete garage, you will have to arrange to have it taken down and removed. Please discuss this with our staff at GBC Group.

Uses of your LidgetCompton building:
A LidgetCompton garage is so versatile people use it for many things -

  • A workshop
  • Utility room
  • Home Office
  • Wine Cellar
  • Gym
  • Micro Brewery
  • Hobby Room
  • And even as somewhere to put the car!

What's right for you?

What do you want to use your Concrete garage for? Will you be storing large items like garden furniture, lawn mowers, bicycles, exercise equipment and ladders? Do you need workshop space and intend to incorporate a work bench? Will you be installing appliances like washing machines, dryers or freezers? Do you want to line your building so it can be used as a home office, recording studio, photographic studio, playroom or gym? Do you want to use power tools in your building for mechanical repairs, woodturning or other DIY projects?

Whatever you intend to do, the LidgetCompton range of garages is the most comprehensive available. Please remember that GBC Group are here to help you at any stage, and we will be happy to sit down and discuss your requirements with you.

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