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Malvern Charford
Malvern Charford
Malvern Charford
Malvern Charford
Malvern Charford
Malvern Charford
Malvern Charford
Malvern Charford
Malvern Charford
Malvern Charford


Save big on Malvern Hanley and Charford garden offices!
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Offer ends 30th April 2018

Malvern Charford

  • Contemporary flat roof design
  • Choice of aluminium bi-fold or sliding doors
  • Solid galvanised steel frame
  • Glass to ground glazing
  • Double glazed throughout
  • Fully insulated
  • Vertical western red cedar cladding
  • Choice of painted finishes
  • Delivered and installed
  • EPDM rubber roof
  • Subject to some delivery restrictions

From 22,396

RRP 27,995Save 5,599

All prices shown include VAT and delivery

Product Description

"The Malvern Charford is a stunning garden room crafted using only the finest Western Red Cedar - offering unparalleled performance, natural warmth and incredible durability."

The Charford is a contemporary design and features a flat roof as standard, vertical western red cedar cladding painted in a choice of colours and, its most poignant feature - aluminium doors. These are supported with a solid galvanised steel frame and you can choose between bi-fold or sliding aluminium doors in white, cream, grey or green.

The Charford creates a light, bright, inspiring space - ideal for home workers, self employed entrepreneurs, health and beauty enthusiasts or simply a creative space for artists. With the Malvern Charford - the possibilities can stretch as far as your imagination!

Standard Features

  • Warm frame construction - excellent thermal performance
  • Spans greater distances offering design flexibility without needing intermediate walls
  • Kiln dried vertical Western Red Cedar cladding for durability
  • EPDM rubber roof providing a trouble free roofing solution
  • Fully insulated floor, walls and roof
  • Energy efficient double glazing
  • Built using steel frame technology with a steel framed door
  • Aluminium bi-fold or sliding doors
  • A choice of external and internal paint colours
  • Under 2.5m in height
  • 10 year guarantee

Additional Information

Front Height Rear Height
2.49m 2.49m


Stainless Steel Frame

The Malvern Charford includes a light steel framing cold rolled galvanised 'C' section used for the complete base structure with a neoprene seal adhered to the steel to provide a thermal break. This extraordinary design feature is long lasting and maintenance free and protects any timber from ground moisture exposure. 

Also included is a solid galvanised steel frame supporting powder coated aluminium doors and windows - available in either bi-fold or sliding doors. The two front corner and window support posts are manufactured from zinc primed hot rolled steel to carry galvanised lintels. All these features are revolutionary and increase the strength and integrity of your building creating a garden room that will last a lifetime.

Charford steel frame construction

Why Choose a Malvern Charford Garden Office?

Vertical Western Red Cedar Cladding
Western Red Cedar (Thuja Plicata) is a contemporary yet classic building material offering beauty, versatility and durability. Western Red Cedar is preferred where attractive appearance, superior performance and resistance to weather are paramount. Cedar has a very low shrinkage factor and is therefore highly resistant to warping, twisting and shrinkage.

External Finish
Buildings are treated with a high quality Teknos painted finish comprising of an undercoat and 2 coats of your chosen colour.

Wall Construction
The walls are lined with a breather paper membrane and constructed using 44mm x 69mm Scandinavian redwood. The cavity is then filled with 50mm foil backed insulation board. Internally, the walls are lined with 9mm painted MDF.

Doors & Windows
The doors and windows are aluminium as standard which is support with a solid glavanised steel frame and you can choose between bi-fold or sliding aluminium doors in white, cream, grey or green.

Floor Construction
Light steel framing cold rolled galvanised 'C' section is used for the complete base structure. The base utilises a neoprene seal adhered to the steel to provide a thermal break. 18mm heavy duty OSB boarding is fixed to the frame and a your choice of laminate flooring options means a stylish finish.

Under 2.5m Height
The Malvern Charford is designed with a ridge height of under 2.5m so that planning permission is only needed in special circumstances.

EPDM Rubber Roof
Included is a high quality EPDM rubber roof membrane. The EPDM gives a much neater appearance whilst extending the life of your building considerably. A breathable paper membrane is sandwiched between the roof boards and the 32mm x 70mm pressure treated redwood roof joists. 50mm foil backed insulation fills the cavity between the joists and 9mm painted MDF lining placed on the inside. 

Malvern 10 Year Guarantee
The Malvern Charford is supported with a 10 year guarantee from the country's leading manufacturer of garden buildings.


*Please note the Charford is subject to some geographical restrictions in Scotland. Please speak with us if you are interested in this product and are concerned you may be affected.

Make It Your Own!

Deluxe Laminate Floor
Inlcluded as standard, the deluxe laminate floor is available in a choice of finishes.

Laminate floor options

Privacy Vent Windows
A privacy vent window is a rectangular window, normally positioned high up on your garden office wall. When open, it increases air-flow but retains privacy.

Additional Doors and Windows
Add extra doors or windows for additional access and natural light into your office.

Choose Your Colours
Customise your building with a range of beautiful countryside colours:

Malvern Colour Chart

Image Gallery


Sizes Available

  • 10ft (wide) x 8ft
  • 12ft (wide) x 8ft
  • 14ft (wide) x 8ft
  • 16ft (wide) x 8ft
  • 18ft (wide) x 8ft
  • 12ft (wide) x 10ft
  • 14ft (wide) x 10ft
  • 16ft (wide) x 10ft
  • 18ft (wide) x 10ft
  • 20ft (wide) x 10ft
  • 14ft (wide) x 12ft
  • 16ft (wide) x 12ft
  • 18ft (wide) x 12ft
  • 20ft (wide) x 12ft
  • 22ft (wide) x 12ft
  • 24ft (wide) x 12ft
  • 16ft (wide) x 14ft
  • 18ft (wide) x 14ft
  • 20ft (wide) x 14ft
  • 22ft (wide) x 14ft
  • + Show All (13 more)

Construction/Finish Options

  • Painted Vertical Cedar Cladding

Optional Upgrades Available

  • Tinted Glass
  • Deluxe Laminate Floor
  • Small Glass To Ground Fixed Window
  • Medium Glass To Ground Fixed Window
  • Large Glass To Ground Fixed Window
  • Privacy vent window
  • Small Integral Blind
  • Medium Integral Blind
  • Large Integral Blind
  • Internal Partition Wall (priced per foot)
  • Internal Door
  • + Show All (4 more)

Delivery and Installation Information

All of our Malvern Garden Offices will be delivered and installed (where applicable) by our skilled team of fitters - ensuring that your garden office arrives in perfect condition and it is assembled to the highest standard.

Please be aware that you will need to provide a good, strong and level base constructed from either slabs or concrete. This will need to be completed prior to our delivery date, ensuring that it is set and strong enough for that building to sit on.

We will always confirm these details with you at point of order and we will provide you with base plans so that no detail is left out - ensuring that your garden office will be both delivered and installed without any inconvenience.

As with all of our garden buildings, we like to provide our customers with a suitable delivery time. We always give good notice of our arrival date, allowing you to be sure it is the right time for you. We always appreciate any helpful information regarding access to your pre-prepared base area and any details you may need to share with us about reaching you - so that the delivery process can run as smoothly as possible.

Our delivery times can vary from season to season, but typically you should expect to receive your building around 4-6 weeks from point of order. All of our buildings are made to order, so during the busy spring to summer seasons this may increase to 6-8 weeks - dependant on the building that you purchase. Please feel free to contact us on 0800 999 0123 to check our current delivery times.

Where Can I See Malvern Garden Offices?

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