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Hipped Roof Garden Offices & Rooms

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Malvern Hanley

A beautiful garden room made from Western Red Cedar with full length, energy saving double glazing and insulation for year round use. Available in a range of sizes in 3 different roof styles.

  • Painted Western Red Cedar
  • Planitherm Double Glazing
  • Painted MDF Lining and insulation
  • 10 Year Guarantee


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Hipped Roof Garden Offices

Insulated garden offices are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s easy to see why. They provide a quiet extra room to work, away from the hubbub of the family house, whilst allowing you the flexibility to either work from home or, perhaps, start your own business without worrying about office rental space.

When looking for the perfect garden office, there are several things to consider, including size, material and price. However, another aspect that you should consider is the roof style as this makes a huge impact on the ‘look’ and style of the structure. At GBC Group, we have a vast range of garden offices for sale, all featuring different styles of roofs, from flat roofs to hipped roofs. A hipped roof garden office provides an aesthetically pleasing structure as it has four faces, so it looks appealing from every angle. It also creates an airy and light inside space due to the raised ceiling, giving you a pleasant and spacious room to work in.

To find your perfect hipped roof garden office, make sure you get in touch with our expert team today.

Custom Built Offices
14ft Wide
Roof Style

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