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LidgetCompton Pent Deluxe
LidgetCompton Pent Deluxe


LidgetCompton Pent Deluxe

  • Georgian style up and over door with 4 point locking
  • 3' vertically ribbed steel personnel door with multi point locking
  • Galvanised steel rafters supporting a galvanised steel roof
  • 4' White uPVC double glazed fixed window
  • White uPVC fascias and vergeboard
  • uPVC guttering and downpipes to both sides (black, brown or white)
  • Hand pointed real brick front posts in a choice of colours
  • Sand and cement fillet
  • Delivery and installation included
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Decograin and Anthracite options available

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Product Description

The LidgetCompton Pent Deluxe Garage has been designed to last a lifetime. Made from reinforced concrete and finished with uPVC fascias and vergeboards, these high quality garages are not only strong and secure, but they are maintenance-free too.

The Pent Deluxe package inludes a stylish Georgian style up-and-over door, a 3' (0.91m) steel personnel door plus a 4' (1.22m) double glazed fixed uPVC window. And don't worry about the layout... you can choose where everything goes when you place your order! You can also choose the colour of hand-pointed real brick front posts, ideal for colour matching to your home.

If you prefer, you have the option of upgrading from the standard white uPVC finish. There are a choice of two upgrade options:

Both choices upgrade all windows, doors and fascias to the above colours.

Why Choose A Deluxe Package?

Value For Money
The Deluxe package offers great value for money. This exclusive range is brought to you at absolutely rock-bottom prices!

Georgian Style Up-and-Over Door
Both attractive and practical, the stylish Georgian up-and-over door includes security enhanced 4-point locking - meaning your possessions stay safe and secure!

White Steel 3' Personnel Door
Do you need an additional entrance to your building? The 3' personnel door can be positioned wherever you need it. The door includes 4-point locking, dual-latch centre locks and a stainless steel security plate for extra security - fitted as standard.

Galvanised Steel Roof
The incredibly strong galvanised steel roof has robust C section galvanised steel rafters supporting a galvanised steel roof, with Grafo-Therm anti-condensation treatment and no joins.

White 4' (1.22m) uPVC Fixed Window
At 4ft wide, the uPVC window allows plenty of light into your garage. With the window being fixed and double glazed, security is not compromised.

White uPVC Fascias and Vergeboards
A standard LidgetCompton garage is supplied with timber fascias and vergeboards. These will require preservative treatment over time, meaning extra work for you. Our Deluxe package is supplied with uPVC fascias and vergeboards as standard - meaning virtually no maintenance, aside from an occasional wipe clean!

uPVC Gutters
Choose from 3 colours (black, white or brown). The uPVC guttering is fixed to the rear of your building to prevent any dirty water discolouration.

Hand-Pointed, Real Brick Front Posts
The stunning brick effect front posts allow you to match the building to your home for a seamless extension of your existing property. Available in 4 styles: Autumn Red, Warwick Red, Reclaimed or Southern Stock.

Sand and Cement Fillet
Nobody wants rainwater inside their building, so a sand and cement fillet is laid around the internal base of your building - helping prevent water ingress, whilst giving a neat appearance where the garage panels meets your base.

Delivery and Installation Included
No need to worry about additional delivery charges - delivery, installation and VAT are all included!

10 Year Guarantee
A 10 year structural guarantee ensures that you have peace of mind for the long term!

Not Quite What You're Looking For?

We have a whole host of customisable features available on our standard garages. These include brick/stone wall finish, stone/PVC garaclad wall finish, rollershutter doors, transparent roof sheets, lining clips and more. Contact us for more details.

We also offer the Deluxe package in different roof styles: Pent Mansard and Apex

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Sizes Available

  • 8ft 6in (wide) x 14ft 3in
  • 8ft 6in (wide) x 16ft 3in
  • 8ft 6in (wide) x 18ft 3in
  • 8ft 6in (wide) x 20ft 3in
  • 8ft 6in (wide) x 22ft 3in
  • 8ft 6in (wide) x 24ft 3in
  • 8ft 6in (wide) x 26ft 3in
  • 8ft 6in (wide) x 28ft 3in
  • 9ft 6in (wide) x 14ft 3in
  • 9ft 6in (wide) x 16ft 3in
  • 9ft 6in (wide) x 18ft 3in
  • 9ft 6in (wide) x 20ft 3in
  • 9ft 6in (wide) x 22ft 3in
  • 9ft 6in (wide) x 24ft 3in
  • 9ft 6in (wide) x 26ft 3in
  • 9ft 6in (wide) x 28ft 3in
  • 10ft 6in (wide) x 14ft 3in
  • 10ft 6in (wide) x 16ft 3in
  • 10ft 6in (wide) x 18ft 3in
  • 10ft 6in (wide) x 20ft 3in
  • 10ft 6in (wide) x 22ft 3in
  • 10ft 6in (wide) x 24ft 3in
  • 10ft 6in (wide) x 26ft 3in
  • 10ft 6in (wide) x 28ft 3in
  • 12ft 6in (wide) x 14ft 3in
  • 12ft 6in (wide) x 16ft 3in
  • 12ft 6in (wide) x 18ft 3in
  • 12ft 6in (wide) x 20ft 3in
  • 12ft 6in (wide) x 22ft 3in
  • 12ft 6in (wide) x 24ft 3in
  • 12ft 6in (wide) x 26ft 3in
  • 12ft 6in (wide) x 28ft 3in
  • 14ft 6in (wide) x 14ft 3in
  • 14ft 6in (wide) x 16ft 3in
  • 14ft 6in (wide) x 18ft 3in
  • 14ft 6in (wide) x 20ft 3in
  • 14ft 6in (wide) x 22ft 3in
  • 14ft 6in (wide) x 24ft 3in
  • 14ft 6in (wide) x 26ft 3in
  • 14ft 6in (wide) x 28ft 3in
  • 16ft 6in (wide) x 14ft 3in
  • 16ft 6in (wide) x 16ft 3in
  • 16ft 6in (wide) x 18ft 3in
  • 16ft 6in (wide) x 20ft 3in
  • 16ft 6in (wide) x 22ft 3in
  • 16ft 6in (wide) x 24ft 3in
  • 16ft 6in (wide) x 26ft 3in
  • 16ft 6in (wide) x 28ft 3in
  • 18ft 6in (wide) x 14ft 3in
  • 18ft 6in (wide) x 16ft 3in
  • 18ft 6in (wide) x 18ft 3in
  • 18ft 6in (wide) x 20ft 3in
  • 18ft 6in (wide) x 22ft 3in
  • 18ft 6in (wide) x 24ft 3in
  • 18ft 6in (wide) x 26ft 3in
  • 18ft 6in (wide) x 28ft 3in
  • 20ft 6in (wide) x 14ft 3in
  • 20ft 6in (wide) x 16ft 3in
  • 20ft 6in (wide) x 18ft 3in
  • 20ft 6in (wide) x 20ft 3in
  • 20ft 6in (wide) x 22ft 3in
  • 20ft 6in (wide) x 24ft 3in
  • 20ft 6in (wide) x 26ft 3in
  • 20ft 6in (wide) x 28ft 3in
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Construction/Finish Options

  • Spar Deluxe Finish
  • Spar Decograin Deluxe Finish
  • Spar Anthracite Deluxe Finish

Optional Upgrades Available

  • Timber Weather Bar

Delivery and Installation Information

All concrete garages include installation by an expert team of builders. A concrete base needs to be prepared by you prior to delivery. Base plans for each building and base-building information is available, to ensure that there are no issues when we deliver and install.

As all of our concrete garages are very heavy, they are normally delivered using large lorries. So that we can be sure that buildings are safe and undamaged when unloaded, we also use lorry-mounted fork-lifts to manoeuvre the concrete panels.

To be able to do this, we will need to ask you questions relating to access and the size of lorry that will be able to reach your property. Once you have placed your order, you will be asked to fill out a 'help-the-driver' form that will give you the opportunity to give as much detail as possible - allowing us to deliver and install your new garage.

As there are so many variations in our range of garages and each one is made to order, you should expect to receive delivery of your new building around 4-6 weeks from when your “help the driver” form has been sent back to us.

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