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You could be relaxing with friends and family in a stylish summerhouse like this cedar summerhouse from Alton.

We've had such an amazing summer this year! Maybe for the first time in a while, we've been able to bask in the glorious sunshine and also spend more time in our gardens. It may have rekindled your love of the outdoors and left you thinking about adding a summerhouse to your home, ready for summer next year! Summerhouses add a gorgeous, extra space to your outdoors and can be used for a variety of purposes. However, with so many different styles of summer houses for sale, how do you know what is the best one for you?



What will your summerhouse be used for? Deciding this will help lead the design that you choose. For example, if you were wanting your summerhouse to become a home office then you would want the structure to have double glazing to help keep you warm as you work, such as a uPVC summerhouse. Or, if you are planning on using the space as an extra entertaining area you may want to consider a summerhouse with a decked porch attached so you have the option of al fresco dining. Perhaps you want the summerhouse to double as a play area for your kids in the summer? If so, then a playhouse design might be just what you are looking for.


Sizes for summerhouses range from compact 6ft x 6ft to the much larger 12ft x 10ft. The size you choose will be dependent on the space you have and how much of that space you want taken up by your summerhouse. You may be happy with a small structure hidden away at the back of your garden, or you may prefer more of a statement summerhouse, which becomes the focal point of your garden.


Style is a matter of opinion, and what might be perfect for one garden is not right for another. From traditional wooden structures to Nordic style studios, and from octagonal gazebo shapes to corner summerhouses, the world really is your oyster. If you are unsure of your exact style, then you can always buy a more basic style now and repaint and decorate further down the line, perhaps turning your summerhouse into a beach hut or a vintage retreat.


There are a variety of materials used for summerhouses, each with their own merits:  

Timber – looks very natural within the garden setting, as well as being environmentally friendly. Painting timber is pretty easy, so this choice lends itself to a summerhouse you may want to re-style.

Metal – Little maintenance is needed as metal is a very robust material.

uPVC – Again, very little maintenance and often simply requires a wash every now and then.


Whatever type of summerhouse you decide is right for you and your family, take a look at our vast range. Our summerhouses come in all shapes, sizes and materials, so you are guaranteed to find the perfect one for you.


Posted by Matt Jordan

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