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Browns Garden Buildings - Man Cave!

Most adults, especially those with young children, dream of having a place to escape the madness of their household, a calm space to take some time out away from the screaming, whining and incessant demand for snacks. Now, whilst a trip to Australia for a month-long beach-holiday may not be feasible, creating your very own Man Cave is most definitely possible. Here are some ideas on what you need to do to build a Man Cave in the garden:


Before you can start getting creative with your Man Cave plans, you need to decide what type of structure you want. There are many to choose from, ranging from concrete garages, which can be attached to your house, to wooden summerhouses, freestanding structures that can come with porches and bi-folding doors.  Your decision will generally be based on your taste and budget.


Next, decide where you want your Man Cave to be placed in your garden. Will it be incorporated into the structure of your house, perhaps building it on the side, with access directly from your home into the room? Or maybe you want it to be hidden away from prying eyes (and sticky toddler fingers) and placed in the back of your garden in amongst the shrubbery? Take time to work out exactly the best position for you, as once it is erected it is quite difficult (and costly) to change your mind.


Once you have the structure in place you need to make sure that your cave is usable come rain or shine, and this requires insulation and damp proofing. Some garden buildings come with insulation, so you may want to consider buying one with this option if you can’t face doing it yourself. If you are a dab hand at DIY then make sure you insulate the entire room; walls, floors and ceilings. Insulation also has the added bonus of soundproofing your building too, so turn up those tunes!

Damp is another issue to consider. Not only does it cause mould and rot to spread, but, if left untreated, it can destroy your building. Protect your Man Cave from any potential leakages by sealing any gaps in the structure, and if your shed is made from wood, treating with a wood preservative.


For a truly functional space you need to have electricity in your building. Whilst connecting the shed to your home’s power supply isn’t too complex a job, it must be done by a professional, qualified electrician. WiFi can also be connected to your secure shed, either by keeping within your home’s WiFi range, or by installing a secondary WiFi networking cable.


And finally, the really fun part, decorating your Man Cave! The main question you need to ask yourself is what you want the space for? If you want a place to relax with a cold drink, then make sure you have a fridge installed. Or if it’s a room to escape to and read the Sunday papers in peace, then fill it with comfy seating and good lighting. Your cave really is a blank canvas for you to add your personality to, have fun!

And this tranquil escape isn’t reserved just for the men-folk, have you heard of a She-Shed? Want to know more? Take a look at our blog on how to make your very own She-Shed.

Posted by Matt Jordan

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