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Stanford shed with cedar shiplap cladding

Shiplap sheds have walls that are made from boards of wood which have been planned and shaped in order to fit together like a jigsaw. You may think this sounds a lot like a tongue and groove shed but actually there is an additional lip on the panels that make these sheds extra secure.

There are many shiplap shed benefits.

Shiplap sheds are usually of a very high quality. The timber is often slow grown for extra strength, cut into boards and then dried to remove any excess moisture to avoid warping or degrading. The sheds are often of a higher price due to the quality and longevity of them. If maintained well, this is a shed you will have over the years.

As well as the tongue and groove joints, shiplap sheds have an extra lip between the panels that weatherproofs the shed. The extra lip acts as protection for winds and stops any water from rainfall or snow and ice getting inside the shed and ruining your stored equipment.

This makes the shed twice as waterproof and draught proof meaning you can use it all year round. However, these sheds are not only safe from the weather. The extra lip and the interlocking nature of the joints make it almost impossible to prize open the panels of the shed, giving you that peace of mind that your equipment is stored safely.

Shiplap sheds are also very durable.

They are often thicker than other sheds and are better constructed. They have better insulation and can be used all year round, making them ideal for a garden workshop. When you have a workshop in the garden you do not want to risk your tools getting damp or yourself getting frostbite so a shiplap shed is a great way to keep you and your tools warm and dry all year round.

Shiplap buildings are usually made of pine. This is a very attractive, sustainable piece of wood that is easy customisable to your needs. It is easy to paint over and create your own unique space in your garden. Painting your shed a pastel colour or just simply varnishing it with a wood stain can really make your garden stand out. You can use your shed for many different things including making a dog kennel, storing your bicycles and using them to tidy up your tools.

It’s important when you’re buying a shed to not only look at the price. Tools and gardening equipment are not always cheap and you want a solution that is not only safe from crime, but safe from the conditions. Spending a little bit more money on a truly high end, better product can save you money in the long run.

For more information about the benefits and features of a shiplap shed, make sure you get in touch with our experienced and helpful today.

Posted by Matt Jordan

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