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Transform Your Garden into a Sociable Space

Create a designated ‘hang out’ area

Whether you define the area using decking, patio or a summerhouse, creating a separate area in your garden for entertaining creates an inviting environment for guests. Try to ensure the space looks out over the rest of your gorgeous garden, so you can sit and enjoy the view, day or night.


Ensure the space is full of useful items which will help keep you and your guests comfortable. Cushions help to keep everyone comfortable, and blankets and throws are great to keep you warm and cosy once it starts to get a bit nippy outside.


Suitable lighting will mean that you can carry on your entertainment well into the night, without everyone having to dig out their torches. If you are able to, then connect your lights to an outside power source, however, there are plenty of solar and battery run lights available. Atmospheric lighting can include fairy lights, as well as lanterns. You may also want to consider large church candles in glass storm vases, to add a magical twinkle to your garden.


If you are planning on entertaining in the daytime, perhaps a lunch time BBQ, then you need to make sure you have plentiful shade. You may want to consider creating your dining area under a large tree (if you have one in your garden), or you could invest in an open gazebo, which offers open sides, to help create an outside/inside feel, but a covered roof, to protect you from the sun or rain.

Create a focal point

Creating a feature within your ‘hang out’ area helps create a beautiful focal point within the space which the eye is drawn to. This could be a fire pit, a water feature, or, if space is at a premium, a collection of beautiful and varied sized flower pots.

If the idea of an open gazebo summerhouse in your garden has piqued your interest then take a look at our fabulous selection. Our Malvern Open Sided Gazebos are hugely popular as they not only look stunning but are sturdy and impressive structures, superbly constructed in pressure treated timber to help keep maintenance to a minimum.  

Posted by Matt Jordan

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