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Keep weeds at bay this summer

Summer is the time when we all want to enjoy our gardens, whether it be through tending to our plants and making it beautiful or simply sitting out and enjoying some sun. For all keen gardeners, summer is well looked forward to, but it does come with its hindrances. Those of us with green fingers dream of spending time all summer long in our gardens, perhaps lounging in a summer house, admiring our work. There are of course some small pains we could do without, such as slugs; when they eat our prize plants after a spot of wet weather. Then of course there are the weeds which make an appearance every year, often taking up hours of our time and even leading to other issues such as dying grass and flowers after we take to them with the weed killer.

Below we’ve put together some advice for keeping on top of those weeds this summer and assuring the integrity of the rest of your garden.


Certain weeds flourish depending on the weather and soil conditions, others grow annually. Don’t worry when they do, they can be dealt with in a number of different ways depending on how they grow. Annual weeds have a one-year lifecycle and end by setting seeds for the next generation, perennial weeds such as dandelions have a lifecycle longer than one year and need to be eradicated from the root.


Annual weeds should be dislodged by shallowly working the soil. They can usually be removed by hand, this is best done before they begin to flower. Don’t be too heavy handed as this can cause seeds to come to the surface.

Perennial weeds can sometimes be removed from the root and then burnt. They can also be treated with a weed killer which kills the weed at its root; whilst it is slow acting it is very effective.

How you choose to discard of weeds can also come down to their location. The same method that you may use for weeds in pathways, may not be appropriate for weeds within grass or flower beds.


The aptly named Speedy Weedy is a robust and lightweight tool that can be used to remove weeds from the root, great for both annual and perennial weeds. This tool works best for grass and flower bed weeds as it is relatively gentle and won’t damage other plants or flowers. It provides a quick and easy way to remove weeds without having to spend time digging at the soils and pulling weeds by hand, you don’t even have to get your hands dirty!

For those harder to reach areas such as paths and driveways, the Weed Burner is an effective tool for killing weeds at the root. The 30” long handle allows safe use and takes the strain out of weeding. It creates a high temperature flame which destroys the weed that then withers away after 2-3, taking all the hassle out of weeding! This tool is not suitable for use on flower beds or lawns but does come in handy throughout winter for de-icing driveways.

Posted by Matt Jordan

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