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The Age Of The She Shed

28 November 2018

The Age Of The She Shed

Much like the ‘Man Cave’ a few years ago, the ‘She Shed’ is quickly becoming one of the must have features of any garden worth its salt. A place for women to escape to, away from partners, children and dogs, where they can have some ‘me-time’.

If you are thinking of turning your humble garden shed into a spectacular ‘she-shed’ and make the most of your garden, here are some of our top ideas:


First things first, you need to clean your old shed. This isn’t as simple and easy as just donning a pair of marigolds and getting out the bleach, you also need to sort through the many years worth of stuff you have stored in your shed - you do not want to be sharing your tranquil space with an old lawnmower and a dusty paddling pool! For anything that you don’t want to chuck away, you need to find alternative storage, whether that is cleverly hidden away in your she-shed, or in a seperate storage shed in your garden.  


It goes without saying, but a fresh coat of paint, both inside and outside your shed, will give it a new lease of life. Choose calming colours, such as light greens, pastel pinks or slate greys, for a really standout structure.

Outside In

Most of us aren’t lucky enough to have huge garden sheds, so to give the illusion of space by bringing the outside garden vibe into your she-shed. Add floral prints, potted plants and the occasional bouquet of fresh cut flowers.

Make It Cosy

Your she-shed should be a place where you go to relax and unwind, so make sure it is filled with comfy furniture and accessories. A sofa with plush cushions and a few soft throws, or even a daybed, will help make a space that just calls to be curled up into with a good book.

Decide The Function

Whilst you may be happy for your she-shed to simply be a relaxing place to escape to, you might have a more specific purpose in mind. Perhaps it will become your office, an art studio or a games room? Whatever you have designated the space to become, use this to guide your interior design, ensuring that you have everything you need to make this the best possible space for your particular needs.


Install electricity to ensure that you can use your she-shed all year round. The winter months will be colder and darker so you will want to have lighting installed, as well as some form of heating, such as portable radiators. Also, if you wish to use your new space for entertaining your girlfriends, then you will probably want a fully functioning fridge to keep bottles of fizz, or at least a kettle to supply constant cups of tea!

If a personalised, tranquil and relaxing garden escape sounds like your kind of thing, then GBC has a huge variety of sheds just crying out to be turned into the perfect she-shed. In a range of sizes, styles and materials, we guarantee we will find the ideal one for you. 

Posted by Matt Jordan

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