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Summer House or Garden Office?

Over the years it has become popular for people to work from home, at least part-time. Working from home has been found to have a number of benefits; it can boost motivation and actually promote a healthier working life. Finding the right work-life balance is something that is important to the majority of us and being able to work from home can be really beneficial in getting the right balance. Having a home office means that working from home is a lot easier and convenient. As the trend for working from home grows, new and exciting ways of doing so emerge. A popular trend is ‘shedworking’. Having a home office in your garden can be beneficial for so many people; it means your commute to work will be as short as possible, you’ll be able to spend the day enjoying your garden whilst having the privacy necessary to get work done from home. There are a few options for creating the perfect workspace in your garden; from renovating an existing shed to purchasing a new summer house or garden office. It can be difficult how to know whether to get a summer house or garden office when purchasing a new home working space, in this article we’re going to weigh up the pros and cons of both to help you decide.

Summer House

Thanks to the improvements in technology over the years, working from home has become a lot easier. For the majority of industries, if you have a wi-fi connection and laptop you can pretty much do your work from anywhere. For this reason, many people have chosen to turn their summer house into a garden office. There are many benefits to working from your summer house; you have a much shorter commute to work, only as long as your garden is, you have the flexibility of working your own hours and you have the privacy of being in your own home. A summer house is very versatile and can be built and designed however you choose to suit your business or industry. The beauty of a summer house is it can double as a number of things; an office, living space and even a workshop should your job call for it. All you need to make sure of when turning a summer house into an office is that all the necessary wires and connections can stretch to the summer house to ensure you can be fully productive.

Garden Office

Turning a summer house into a garden office is a great way to improve productivity and increase motivation at work but at GBC we also have a variety of garden offices which work brilliantly. These outbuildings are designed for working from home; ensuring that they are the right size for all your office supplies. You can choose from a variety of designs and styles; from open windows so you can admire the outdoors whilst working, to a more closed off space for maximum privacy.

Whether you opt for a summer house or garden office, you’ll most certainly be able to reap the benefits of garden working, alternatively we also have a range of garden office and summer house combinations!

Posted by Matt Jordan

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