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When is it time for a new garden building?

There are numerous benefits to having a garden building, especially if you’re a keen gardener; it provides you with a more convenient space to store things like garden tools and equipment. In the UK where the weather is rather unpredictable, a garden building is a practical addition to any garden for all your gardening, storage and living needs. Unfortunately, it cannot live up to its full potential if is damaged or in need of repair. Whilst there are ways to ensure you’re maintaining your shed’s condition and taking care of any necessary repairs; it is also worth knowing when it is time for a replacement. Below are 5 signs you may need to replace your garden building.

The Base

The base is what prevents moisture getting to your garden building, so it is essential that it sits on a good quality base. The base should be checked regularly to ensure that your shed is doing its job and staying free of moisture. If the base becomes damaged, it is probably time to replace your shed as a damaged base can lead to more issues associated with excess moisture such as damp and warping.


Warping is when the wood of a garden building becomes distorted due to excess moisture and damp. Any moisture or damp that gets into your shed base or shed can cause warping. Once warping has started, it cannot be reversed so it usually means it is time for a replacement.

Loose Panels

The panels of the shed are very important to its structure and strength so if they become damaged it can be detrimental to the shed. You can repair loose panels before it gets too late, so it is best to keep a check on them to ensure they’re in good condition. If you haven’t been able to repair a loose panel, it is best to replace the shed as the loose panels can cause it to collapse.


If you don’t use your garden building regularly, it is possible that it has some leaks you weren’t aware of. Leaks can be detrimental to a garden building; the more water that gets into the shed, the weaker the wood can get. Not only does this make it at risk of collapse but it can also cause warping. If leaks are spotted quickly, they can often be repaired, it is the damage they cause that can often lead to a replacement being needed.


When you’re maintaining and checking your shed, one thing you should look out for is insects. With outdoor buildings it is very likely that you will acquire insects. Not only are insects unwelcome but certain ones can damage the structure of your building. Regular cleaning can help to keep them at bay and prevent infestation. Once insects have infested your shed it can be very hard to get rid of them; with the help of professionals it can be done but the damage they’ve done could mean a replacement is still necessary.

Should you feel it’s time for a new garden building, get in touch with us today or feel free to pop in and browse some of the fantastic garden buildings we have on sale.

Posted by Matt Jordan

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