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October is national home security month, the aim is to raise awareness about the importance of home security; as often with the pressures of everyday life, home security can be an afterthought. With the right home security, you can be confident in the knowledge that your home, possessions and family are safe. The purpose of national home security month is to help offer advice and tips to help protect your home. Throughout the month of October, the NHSM take you through various tips and tricks on how to secure your home along with looking into myths and statistics surrounding home security.

Home Security

At GBC we are proud to be an official supporter of National Home Security Month and have our own tips to help you secure your home and support the advice given alongside the weekly focuses provided by NHSM.

We have a range of secure sheds available to buy, however there are a number of measures you can take to improve the security of your current garden building below.

Invest in Outdoor Lighting

The best way to avoid any home security issues such as burglary is to invest in prevention techniques. One of the most common ways of deterring burglars is to use motion sensor lighting. Most burglars are opportunists who won’t attempt to burgle a difficult house therefore installing lighting works as a good deterrent. Motion sensor lights also work to alert your neighbours of any potential burglars; therefore, they will tend to avoid your home as they don’t want to be caught in the act.

Strategic Location

If you have a shed or outbuilding, you should consider its location strategically. Ideally, you don’t want it to be visible from the street as this can attract burglars. The more accessible it appears the more likely someone is to try and burgle it. On the other hand, you don’t want it to be hidden as this could allow for it to be broken into without anyone seeing.

Replace Locks

It is important that if you lose any keys; to your home or outbuilding, that you change your locks as soon as possible. It is essential that you secure your shed as many people store a lot of valuable items in their shed which could be a target for burglars. A strong padlock works well to secure your shed; just don’t use several as this can look suspicious.

Put Tools and Valuables Away at Night

A common target for burglars includes unsecured tools. Often people can leave their tools overnight in their van, car or left outside but this is an invitation for a burglar. Leaving tools accessible for a burglar also gives them the opportunity to use them to break into your shed or home. Instead make sure to store tools and valuables either in your home, garage or shed to prevent anyone getting access to them. Additionally, if you have a bike, you may want to consider investing in a bike shed to make sure it stays safe.

Posted by Matt Cook

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