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Shed with integral bench

How to Properly Organise Your Garden Shed

Too often, garden sheds can be relegated to simply a dumping ground. A place where we shove all those bits we don’t know what to do with, leaving them locked away, gathering dust, never to see the light of day again. And when you do decide to venture in, the space is so cluttered that you give up in a second. But, with the nice weather here, now is a great time to give your garden shed a good clean. With just a little bit of reorganisation you can turn your dumping ground into a dream storage shed worthy of a House & Garden photo shoot. 

Here are our top shed organisation tips:


It may seem simple, but well-placed shelves will really help keep your concrete shed organised. For smaller shed spaces, floating shelves are good idea as they don’t take up any floor area, so leave more space for larger items to be kept on the floor.

Once you have installed the shelves, the key is organising them. For smaller items, e.g. nails, labelled boxes will help everything contained. More used items should be kept at eye and hand reach, and heavier items kept on bottom shelves to avoid accidents.


Especially handy if you are storing garden furniture, hooks make a great storage solution, and you can keep adding them as you need. You can also use hooks to keep cords or hosepipes tangle free and easy to reach.


Rather than spending lots of extra money on buying storage furniture for your shed, try upcycling your old, unused furniture. Shabby chests of drawers can be sanded down, repainted and reused as stylish shed storage units.

Peg Boards

Peg boards are fantastic storage solutions. Once the board is mounted to your wooden shed wall, put hooks into the holes and hang tools from them. These will not only be easy to find, but the board takes up very little room. You can also hang caddies from the hooks too to keep nails or seed bags in.


Fix a strip of magnet to a wooden board and attach to the wall. Any metallic tools can then be placed on the strip for safe keeping – a simple, no hassle way to store your tools.

Shovel/Rake Rack

Using a piece of ply, cut divots into the wood to hold up each tool and attach this wood to the wall. This will keep your shovels and rakes upright and easy to reach, rather than flung on the floor in a heap.

Posted by Matt Jordan

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