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Ideas of how you’d like to spend your summer may be in full swing, whether that be sitting in your deckchair in the garden with a good book or choosing the summer flowers you want to plant. One idea may be to host a garden party for friends and family, but before you welcome guests into your garden, you need to make sure it’s up to scratch for entertaining. If you’re lucky enough to have summerhouse that you use for parties, it has no doubt been closed up over the winter months. Now is the time to swing open the doors, dust out the cobwebs and prepare your garden building for the summer.

Repair Work

Before anything else, take advantage of the opportunity to undertake any repair and upkeeping work that may be required. Spend some time assessing the structure of the building. Look for any defects, on the walls, windows, doors and roof such as rot, cracks or stains. Summerhouses can come in a variety of materials such as timber and uPVC and so different materials will require different approaches. Fix these where appropriate.

The milder weather also makes it the perfect time to re-treat and re-paint (if needed). Failure to do this regularly will result in paint flaking away, making your building potentially looking tired and unkempt, as well as potential issues with damp and rot, if wood is not treated.

Before you start, depending on the state of the wood, you might need to sand the paint off, taking it back to its bare wood. You can then treat the wood, using a high-quality timber treatment or a wood stain. Once this has dried, it’s time to paint.

Spring Cleaning

With any repair work out of the way it’s time to remove everything from your summerhouse, leaving you with as much of an empty a space as possible. Sweep all dirt, leaves and cobwebs out of the space, before washing down the entire area with a warm soap solution. Before cleaning the exterior or any windows remember to first clean out any leaves and debris that may have collected in the guttering. Prior to replacing the items back into the building, now is the time to get rid any clutter that you don’t need, as well as anything that is broken. Any items you deem summerhouse worthy, should be washed before you replace them.

Consider Storage Options

If you find that your summerhouse tends to resemble a scrap yard rather than a useful outside space, then you might want to consider adding some more storage options, such as shelving or cupboards. All your items can then be put away neatly and tidily, leaving you with a lovely space in which you can entertain your summer party guests, or simply relax with a book.

And there you have it, your brand-spanking new garden building, ready for the gorgeous summer ahead!

Posted by Matt Jordan

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