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A Malvern Garden Office painted in a contemporary grey colour

Whether you’ve just bought a new garden building or your current one needs a bit of face lift, painting your building is a great way to add a splash of colour to your garden. However, though it may seem like a simple enough task, there are several steps you should follow, before you start sploshing your favourite paint all over your garden building.

Here’s our handy guide on how to paint a garden building:


Pick the Right Day

Unfortunately, we all know that our wonderful British weather can be a tad temperamental, one day we have scorching hot sun and the very next the heavens open and we find ourselves wrapped up in scarves and hats again. Where possible, try to pick a day which is dry (paint will flake and blister if applied to wet wood) and not too cold (paint drying will start to suffer if below 10 degrees). Also, if you are choosing to spray paint your garden building then it should not be too windy either.

Preparation is Key

As eager as you may be to start opening paint pots, garden buildings need prep before you can start painting. This will ensure that the paint stays looking fresh and bright for as long as possible.

First things first, clean your shed. Remove cobwebs, mud and mould, or anything else that will affect the finish of the paint job. Check the structure for any gaps, and fill these in with caulk to prevent leakages, sandpapering once dried to ensure a smooth surface.

If the wood is not pre-treated you need to apply wood treatment to protect against insects and fungal decay.

Once the surface of your garden shed or building has been prepared, you need to treat the wood with an oil-based primer. This will ensure that your shed has extra protection against the temperamental English weather, plus it gives a good, even base for you to apply your paint.


Once your primer has dried, now the fun can begin…the painting. You can either paint by hand (using a roller) or go for spray painting. Wait until the first coat of paint has dried before going for the second one. You may want to try something a bit more elaborate than one colour, perhaps different coloured slats? If so, cover each slat with sheets of paper stuck down with duct tape. Paint the exposed area. Wait for that section to dry and move onto the next.  


Allow your imagination to run wild and turn your garden building into a work of art! If you need a little help with colours, take a look at our Protek Range of Paints.

Fancy getting your hands on a paint pot and a garden building but lacking one essential ingredient – the building? Don’t worry, GBC Group have got you covered. From Bike Sheds to Garden Offices, we’ve got one to suit every requirement. Contact us today to talk through our range.


Posted by Matt Jordan

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