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Malvern Solar Potting Shed

Sheds are great for storing gardening equipment and even for potting small plants over winter. However, they can easily become cluttered as we throw things in there and forget about them. Once it becomes so cluttered you can barely see in there, your once useful shed is no longer serving its purpose. If this sounds like your shed, it may be time for a clear out. An organised shed is more likely to serve its purpose and live up to its full potential.


Shelving is something you really should try to have in your shed, you can store so much on your shelves without taking up too much storage as you’re utilising the wall space more than the floor space. You can then arrange your tools/items depending on how often you use them. Place the items you use the most at eye level, so they are easily seen and easily accessed. Heavier, larger items should be stored at the lower and floor levels to avoid any struggles or accidents. Anything you use very rarely can go on the top shelves.


For smaller tools such as trowels and even larger items such as brushes, hooks are great. There are a variety of hooks out there which work well on shed walls. S-hooks are a good choice as they are a cheap and quick way to hang your tools; they don’t require any drilling and can be hooked over palettes or window frames. You can also use a variety of sizes of hooks, it is relatively easy to screw them in and they can be removed if necessary.


Shovel racks will be your shed’s best friend. They can be used to store larger shovels and brushes to keep them neat and tidy, out of the way. Not only will you be able to properly organise your shovels, but you’ll be able to easily see what’s what and free up more space. You can make your own pretty easily from an old palette and attach it to the wall of your potting shed.

Tool Wall or Peg Board

A popular choice for storing small tools such as screwdrivers is to create a classic tool wall. A tool wall as small hooks for each tool and then you can draw around each tool with a marker to ensure you remember its place. Not only is this a super handy way to store tools but it really can look great. If you have a large or ever-growing collection of tools it may be impractical to have a traditional tool wall, so a peg board may be more up your street. You can fix pegboard panels to the shed wall and use brackets and hooks to hang tools, baskets and shelves. Everything can be moved around at a moment’s notice as the hooks are not generally fixed.


For the smallest of items, drawers are best to keep everything in order. You can get a small set of desktop drawers if you don’t need a lot of space, or even repurpose an old set of drawers from your house. Drawers are great for storing screws and nails. You can evens store them in little compartments within the drawers to be super organised.

Posted by Matt Jordan

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