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How to Make the Most of Space in a Small Garden

Not all of us are lucky enough to be blessed with acres and acres of land to call our own, and in fact, particularly if you live in a city, you may struggle to find a garden bigger than a postage stamp. But do not despair, even if your outside space is on the small side, there are still plenty of ways you can make the most of your garden and ensure it is a useful and attractive part of your home.

Wall Space

Instead of taking up the majority of your garden floor for flower beds, try using your walls or garden fences to grow your plants. Climbing plants looks fabulous, and have the extra bonus of covering any unsightly, crumbling parts of your walls, but you may also want to consider pouches and wall hanging pots.

Artificial Lawn

Yes, many people would be aghast at the mere idea of an artificial lawn, but there are actually some very realistic fake lawns available if you are willing to spend a bit more. Artificial grass has the benefit of being maintenance free which is incredibly handy in a small garden, where space to store a lawnmower is at a premium.

Pot Display

If you want your garden to have flowers, a flower bed may be impractical as they take up too much room. Instead, consider buying a variety of flower pots in a range of sizes and styles, placing them in a cluster. This creates a focal point in your garden, and adds a sense of purpose to the space.

Mirror Mirror

Fixing mirrors onto the walls of your garden tricks the eye and gives an illusion of a much bigger space.


If you have a small garden you may believe that there is no possible way you can get a garden structure in the space without it looking cramped. But pergolas are a great option as they are open structures that create a sense of height and depth, whilst also providing a type of outdoor garden room, perfect for relaxing or entertaining.

Dual Function

Include items in your garden that has multiple roles. For example, a garden bench that is also storage. 

Whether your garden is big or small, we have a huge range of small sheds, summerhouses and other garden buildings that are sure to be right for you. We have 37 stores nationwide, so pop in and browse, or call one of our friendly customer service team, who can talk through your requirements and find the perfect building for your garden.

Posted by Matt Jordan

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