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Secure Malvern Stanford Shed - 12ft x 10ft

Installing a new garden shed is exciting. Choosing the paints, constructing the internal space and deciding on functionality. But all this comes to naught if you do not have a secure garden shed. Spending time, and a little bit of money, ensuring that your shed security is up to scratch will pay dividends, as you can be confident the contents of your garden shed is safe and secure.

Regular Maintenance

Before you even start thinking about adding other security measures, the first thing to do is to inspect the entire garden building. Is there any damage to the roof or exterior walls? Is there any rot starting to develop? Any damage to the structure becomes an easy entrance for a potential thief, who simply needs to use some brute force to gain entry to your shed’s contents. Similarly, check that your shed windows are fully secured, and all latches work correctly. If you do spot any issues, then fix them immediately.

This survey of your garden shed should be a regular occurrence, as spotting any maintenance issues early will help prevent any security risks from developing.

Internal Equipment

Whilst you can do everything possible to protect your garden shed, sometimes thieves will still get in, so if that happens you will want to ensure you give yourself the best chance of recovering any stolen items.  Using your postcode as a marker is a good idea. You can either use UV pens or, for metal objects, scratch the postcode on.

You may also want to create a quick database, where you record all valuable items, make a note of their serial number and take pictures. It is also a good idea, if you are storing larger pieces of equipment such as lawnmowers, to secure them using heavy duty chains attached to anchor bolts, to make them less appealing to steal. For storing items such as pedal cycles or motorbikes, you may want to consider investing in a specifically designed outdoor bike storage shed.

Door Locks

It may seem obvious, but most thieves first access point will be the door, so ensuring your garden shed door is properly secured is essential. Invest in a solid padlock, closed-shackle padlocks are generally the best as the metal hoop is small, which means that bolt cutters cannot be used to snap the lock. For extra security, you may want to select from our collection of secure metal sheds we currently have available.

Update Fixings

Take a look at your hinges and screws, replacing any that are not clutch-head or tamper-proof. These are not as easy to unscrew so will limit any chance that thieves will be able to remove them and gain access to your garden shed’s contents.


Though it might feel extreme, if you have stored particularly valuable equipment in your shed, or the crime rate in your area is high, you may want to consider installing CCTV that covers your garden and shed. Not only will this act as a deterrent, but, if a break in does occur, you can use the footage to help identify the individuals.

At GBC Group, our friendly experts are on hand to provide the best advice for choosing the perfect garden building tailored to suit your budget and requirements.

Posted by Matt Jordan

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