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Malvern Bewdley Pent Shed
Adding felt to a shed roof might seem like a tedious task but it’s actually relatively simple if you know how. Adding felt to a shed roof is important to ensure your garden shed is protected against the weather as well as adding extra insulation and ensuring your shed looks great year round. In this simple guide we’ll talk you through how to felt a shed roof.

What you’ll need:

  • Craft knife
  • Tape measure
  • Hammer
  • Roofing felt
  • Felt and wood nails
  • Paint brush
  • Felt adhesive

Step One - Removing Old Felt

Before you add new felt to your shed roof you’ll need to remove any old felt that may be left behind. Remove any timber fascia boards and put them to one side. Use the claw side of your hammer to remove the nails holding down the felt and sticking out and be sure to remove any debris so you start on a fresh service. 

Step Two - Measure

Measure your roof to find out how much felt you’ll need. Pull the measuring tape tight across the roof and make note. Be sure to add an extra 5cm on each edge to allow for overlaps and 7.5cm for gable ends.

Step Three - Cutting the felt

When adding new felt to your roof you’ll need to cut approximately three pieces of felt through this can differ depending on the size of your garden shed. You’ll need one piece for each side of the roof as well as a third piece to overlap the panels on the sides. Make sure to leave a 30cm overlap.

Step Four - Applying the felt

Now that you’ve cut the felt you need to attach it to your roof. Put the felt spread flat across the roof and use the felt nails to nail it along the roof edge at 10cm intervals. Pull it as tight as it will go and now nail it at larger, 30cm intervals. Now that the edges have been secured into place, again pull the felt tighter and press it down using the paintbrush and felt adhesive. Now nail it in at the front and back edges in 5cm intervals.

Step Five - Finishing touches

Fold the felt overhang on the corners back over themselves and nail these securely into place. Use a craft knife to cut vertical slits in the overhang along the edges and fold these back in 10cm sections and nail these into place. Once you’ve done this reattach the fascia boards and tuck away any felt to keep it looking tidy. Use wood nails to reattach the fascia and then trim away any excess felt there might be.

For more information regarding the care and maintenance of your garden or outdoor building, make sure you speak to a member of our team today.

Posted by Matt Jordan

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