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How to Extend Wifi Range Outside to a Garden Office

So, you’ve spent hours researching the perfect garden office. You’ve decided on the style, material, and décor…and finally it’s here! Excitedly you set up everything you need your study to contain, settle into your brand-new office chair, switch on your computer, go to your emails and realise that you have no internet connect – your home WiFi doesn’t reach your new garden office. Before you start ringing around to find the best internet options, or start considering moving your office inside again, here are some tips on how to extend WiFi range outside.

WiFi Extender

If your WiFi signal just needs a little boost (generally no more than 30m) then purchasing a WiFi extender is a relatively easy way to extend the signal to your office. The extenders are generally fairly affordable, from about £20 - £50 per box, and are quick and easy to install by simply plugging them into the mains in your home as close as possible to your garden building. If the signal needs to stretch over 30m you could try multiple boxes which send signals to each other, but you might find the quality of the internet is lacking, so an alternative method will probably be preferable.

Ethernet Cable

Possibly the most reliable and secure option, this simply means running an ethernet cable from your router in your house to your office. This cable can then be plugged directly into your computer or another WiFi router.

Powerline Networking

Powerline networks are easy to install (generally not requiring professional installation), relatively cheap to buy (£20 - £50) and pretty hassle free as they work alongside your current WiFi. However, it does require that power is installed in your garden building. The powerline network itself generally  consists of two adaptors with two Ethernet cables. One adaptor is plugged into the mains in your home, then connected to your WiFi router via the Ethernet cable, and the other is plugged into your garden building. This can then be attached to your computer via the other Ethernet cable, or you can connect it to another WiFi router for a wireless connection.

WiFi PTP (Point To Point)

WiFi PTP is a slightly more complex installation so will probably require a professional to install it, so will be a more expensive option, around £150 – £200. One unit is installed outside your home and the other on your garden building. The unit on your home is connected to your home WiFi, this then sends a signal to the unit on your garden building. There has to be a clear line between the two units in order for the signal to work best.

Our garden offices offer you a comfortable alternative to the daily commute into work. We cater for everyone’s taste and preference with various styles, including contemporary and traditional designs. We also offer a bespoke garden office if you want a garden building that has been designed to your very specific requirement!

Posted by Matt Jordan

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