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How close can a shed be to a fence?

Garden sheds are a useful addition to any garden, but there are a few things you need to consider when choosing your shed and where to place it. First you need to decide on the purpose of the shed, how you intend to use it and how this is going to affect where it will be placed and how you will access it. It is important to consider your neighbours, planning regulations and shed security concerns when choosing the placement.

Planning Permission

A common question or concern when adding a shed to your garden is whether they require planning permission for their garden building. As a shed is deemed an outbuilding it does not need planning permission, but this does mean it has restrictions. The restrictions are largely based on location and size, one of which being it cannot take up more than 50% of the garden space.


A common concern is whether it matters how close you place a shed to a fence. In terms of regulations there are no requirements for how close a shed can be too a fence; however, there are advisory rules which you can follow. The problem when placing a shed too close to a fence is the potential build up of damp. This happens as the shed cannot breathe when placed too close to the fence, and vice versa. In general, it is best to leave a gap to allow both to breathe. If this is not an option, then it may be wise to choose a pressure treated shed that suffers less from the effects of damp


The best place for a garden room or shed is next to a paved path; this makes it easier to access and prevents it from being too close to areas that collect water as this can also cause future problems such as rot and damp. Remember to keep it away from large trees, although it may look nice it can cause problems with the shed floor. The roots from the tree could be underneath the shed and cause the floor to buckle.

Ideally you need to be able to walk around all four sides of the building, however this is not a requirement, it will make it easier should you need to paint it or do any work to it in the future.


You should always consider how your new addition will affect your neighbours. Your current neighbours may be happy with you building a shed, but future neighbours may not.

When deciding how close to place to a fence, this will probably be one of the most influential factors as they may not be happy if you place it close to their property; so, it is best to check and if possible, avoid placing it too close to any boundary lines.

You should ensure that you do not use the shed as a replacement for a section of fencing, this can cause problems with current or future neighbours so is best to avoid.

If you require more information about the rules and regulations of garden buildings, get in touch with our friendly and experience team at GBC Group today.

* Please note this is correct for England and Wales whereas Scotland have separate regulations

Posted by Matt Jordan

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