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An Alton Victorian Greenhouse in a picturesque setting

When you decide to invest in a greenhouse, apart from choosing the size, style and design, the one integral decision you need to make is your greenhouse position/location.

Regardless of whether it’s a Castle, Robinsons or an Alton Greenhouse, the location you choose in your garden will help determine how the plants and vegetables inside your greenhouse will grow, as well as helping with more practical considerations, such as safety and convenience to your house.  


If possible, try to avoid placing your greenhouse under any tall trees as this will mean that any natural sunlight will be blocked out for the majority, if not all, of the day. It will also be more likely to be covered in bird droppings, which are difficult and laborious to remove. Similarly, you risk a falling tree branch smashing the glass of your greenhouse.

But, this does not mean that you should avoid a location near trees all together, just not directly underneath them. Trees, as well as walls and hedges, offer a great windbreak, which keeps the temperature inside the greenhouse warmer.


The orientation of the ridge of the roof of your greenhouse plays an important part in the decision of where your greenhouse should be placed, and this decision should be based on when you plan on growing your plants.

If you would like to grow them all year round, then ideally you would need the ridge of the roof to run east-west, as this ensures as much light as possible during the dark winter months. However, if you only wish to plant during the spring and summer, then the ridge should run north-south so both sides of the greenhouse get the same amount of light.

Garden Layout

Every garden layout is different, with its own climate, soil and gradients. So, whilst it may be hard to find the absolutely perfect location for your greenhouse, there are a few factors you should take into consideration. If your garden slopes, then placing your greenhouse on the higher ground is advisable, as the bottom of slopes take longer to thaw in cold months.

Similarly, any areas of your garden that struggle with water drainage and lack of sunlight should be avoided. If you intend to plant on the ground inside your greenhouse, then ensure that the soil you place the structure on is good quality.


Whilst the bottom of the garden may seem like the perfect place for your greenhouse, you must consider the surrounding area and what your requirements may be.

Is this location close to a water tap? Or is it near an electricity point? Can you make do without these being so close by? Also, will the long walk to the end of the garden deter you from visiting your greenhouse as much as you would have desired?

These are all personal opinions, and ones that need to be taken into consideration when looking at the perfect place for your greenhouse.


If you have young children running around your garden, then it may be best to place your greenhouse slightly away from the main area of your garden. This will remove the chance of anyone tripping and falling into the greenhouse, as well as balls or other objects breaking the glass.

If you are interested in purchasing a greenhouse, then look at our greenhouses for sale at GBC Group. We even have a huge collection of ex display greenhouses for sale at fantastic prices, so you are sure to find one that suits your taste, and your garden!

Stunning Robinsons Radley Victorian greenhouse.

Posted by Matt Jordan

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