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Malvern Holt Apex Shed

Whilst many of us strive for gardens that would rival any Home and Garden front cover, not all of us have the luxury of space. So, whilst we want to fill our garden with beautiful flourishing florals and magnificent water features, we also need to find a way to store all of the various accoutrements a garden requires, such as lawnmowers and garden tools, but in a stylish, practical and space-saving way.

Wooden Benches with Built-in Storage

Combine a small outdoor dining area with a snazzy storage solution using a wooden bench with inbuilt storage. With the lid closed, and a few cushions, the bench is perfect for an evening of wine and friends, but with a simple lid lift, a hidden space just right for garden tools or kid’s toys can be found.

Storage Sheds

Whilst a shed may seem like too bulky an item to fit into a small garden, there are actually a wide range of small sheds perfect for a more compact space. These sheds are great for storing all your larger garden equipment.

Wooden Shelving

In keeping with the natural surroundings, some well-placed wooden shelfs affixed to your garden wall are the perfect way to store all your gardening bits and bobs, such as watering cans and twine.

Bike Sheds

Whilst bikes are undoubtedly a handy transport solution, they are quite bulky items and can cause a few issues to store. Most of us don’t want our bikes cluttering up our hallways and so will often opt for storing them in our gardens. Not only can they become an eyesore, but if your garden is on the small side, then they can take up a large proportion of the space. Bike sheds are a good solution, keeping your bikes safely stored and tucked away in the corner of your garden.

Crates and Pallets

A sustainable and eco-friendly garden feature, wooden crates and pallets can be stacked on each other and used to store smaller gardening items or welly boots.

Portable Storage

Large plastic tubs are a great storage solution, allowing you to easily transport your gardening tools and then store them away at the end of the day.

GBC have a vast range of storage solutions for gardens of every size, from tools sheds to garages and everything in-between. To take a look at our selection visit us at one of our 37 stores or give our friendly customer service team a call on 0800 999 0123.

Posted by Matt Jordan

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