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Fort Harpford Barn Shed

Sheds are incredibly useful for gardening and storage purposes but can easily become cluttered with gardening tools and equipment. You can spend hours hunting through just to find the one item it is that you are looking for. You may think you need to invest in fancy storage options in order to make full use of your shed but don’t worry, that isn’t the case. There are plenty of simple DIY ways to improve the storage in your outdoor building, that won’t break the bank. We’ve put together a list of our favourite DIY storage solutions to implement in your shed.

Storage Rack

There are plenty of tool racks and storage racks that you can buy however it is super simple to make your own at home. You can measure the panel of wood to the number of tools you plan to store on it so that it is the perfect length. Once you have cut the rack to size you can mark out the holes. Drill holes so that tools such as shovels can be hung with the handles facing down. They will then balance in place. Add the brackets to the wall and attach the rack.

Table made from pallets

Old pallets can be repurposed in a number of ways that will make you shed storage much easier. The idea is to get two pallets, or one large one sawed in half, and use one as the backing screwed on to the shed wall and the other hinged so that it sits as a table. It can then be used to store smaller tools and even used as a work bench or storage for small plants.

Storage pots

Old plant pots can be used to store tools very easily. Throwing a large number of small tools into a plant pot can become messy but if you add some sand to the pot first and keep the number of tools in it to a minimum it can be a great organisation technique. The sand also keeps the tools in good condition whilst making a quick and easy storage technique.


Adding a pegboard to your shed wall is a common and easy storage technique for smaller tools. Once you have hung the pegboard you can add small hooks and rings to it to store all sorts of tools such as screwdrivers. A pegboard is great as you can also hook on small baskets in order to store gloves and other miscellaneous items.

Clothes Hooks

Clothes hooks such as those used to store coats are great for use in sheds. They can be used to hang all sorts of gardening items such anything which has a handle with a hole for hanging, or even hose pipes. Wrapping a hose pipe around the clothes hook is a handy and neat way to store it ensuring no tangles. Bigger hooks such as those commonly used on the back of doors to hang bags, scarves and accessories are best for storing hosepipes as they are stronger and withstand more weight.

Posted by Matt Jordan

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