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Nordic Bondi Pavilion with hot tub inside

There is something quite luxurious about a hot tub, reminiscent of spa retreats or skiing holidays, perhaps? So, imagine how extra indulgent your life would be if you had your very own hot tub in your home? Rather than sticking on an episode of Eastenders of an evening, you can climb into the hot, steaming water with a glass of bubbles in hand and not a care in the world.

However, for the modest amongst us, a hot tub in the garden may not be ideal. So, if you are keen to keep your night time soaking away from prying eyes, can you put your hot tub in the summerhouse? The short answer is yes, you absolutely can! But, before you go rushing out to the nearest hot tub retailer, there are a few things you must consider.


With all the will in the world, if your summerhouse isn’t big enough, it’s not going to fit in! You must make sure that you can get your hot tub in and out of your summerhouse. If you are buying the summerhouse specifically to house your tub, then you can always erect the structure around your hot tub but remember this may cause issues down the line when you want to remove it.

If you are adding the hot tub to an already existing summerhouse then you need to take some measurements before you start. Large patios or bi-folding doors are great, as they open very wide so allow easy access. If your structure has a small door then you might need to consider removing a window or wall, but this will most likely have cost and time implications. Also, remember that you will have the same issues getting the hot tub out as you did getting it in.


Hot tubs produce a huge amount of steam, causing condensation, which can have a damaging effect on your garden structure. So, ventilation within your summerhouse is important. You may want to install equipment that can help deal with the condensation and humidity such as an air handling unit, which helps to regulate and circulate air.

An alternative, and quite frankly easier, option is to use an insulated cover for your hot tub, which you place over it the tub when it’s not in use. This stops the steam from escaping, as well as having the added benefit of keeping your hot tub hot, meaning you use less electricity heating it.


Another thing to consider when deciding to put your hot tub in the summerhouse is the electrical supply. The further you place your hot tub from your main electrics, the longer the cable will need to be run. This will have an impact on cost and labour, as you will need to dig a trench in the garden to lay the cable into. You also need to ensure that there are no restrictions on where you can run the cable in your garden.

If all this talk of hot tubs has got you reaching for a bathrobe, then take a look at our gorgeous selection of summerhouses. Or, for a more alpine experience, you may want to check out our log cabins, sourced all the way from Finland. These beautiful cabins are made from durable, dense grained and slow grown timber, renowned for quality and longevity, for a little bit of Scandi magic in your garden!

Posted by Matt Jordan

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