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They say that moving to a new house is one of the top 5 most stressful things to do, but perhaps topping that list should be ensuring that your property sells for the right amount of money. After all, you’ve put a lot of love and dedication into your home and you want that to be reflected in the price that is placed on it.

Whilst stylish kitchens and Farrow & Ball paints may indeed please the eye, the real way to add value to a property is to create extra space. According to the FSCS, one option is to undertake a house extension, such as a loft conversion or conservatory, however this is a hefty cost and causes huge upheaval. So, an easier and more cost-effective solution is to give your garden a makeover, this includes purchasing a garden building. In fact, garden makeovers have been shown to add as much as 20% to the value of your property.

Malvern Studio Corner Pent in landscaped garden setting


Garden buildings, such as garden offices and summerhouses, offer a buyer an extra room. What is even better, is that a room can be used for whatever they require. So, you may be currently using your garden room as storage for garden equipment, but they can just as easily turn the space into a guest room, or an art studio.

The extra space will also appeal to a vast range of people, for example, those who are self-employed or business owners. The addition of a garden building provides them a ready-made office space. They may then be more willing to pay a slightly higher price for the ease of not having to build their own office or saving on the morning commute.

However, it’s important to make sure that your garden building is completely secure. Ensure that the door can be securely locked and is tamper-proof, and any windows are secure.

Increased Floor Space

Even the addition of a garden shed adds to the floor space of your property, thus increasing your properties’ attractiveness to a potential buyer. Points really do mean prizes in the world of property sales, so the higher your square footage, the higher your houses value can become.

Garden Appeal

Well designed and looked after garden buildings draw the eye, giving a ‘wow-factor’ to your garden, and thus increasing the likability of your property. Now, whilst you don’t need to become the next Charlie Dimmock, ensuring your garden is well-kept will help to increase the look of the space, and ensure that your garden building isn’t lost within a forest of brambles and weeds.

With display centres across the UK, discover more information about the benefits of purchasing a high-quality garden building from GBC Group today.

GBC display centre example

Posted by Matt Jordan

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