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Bike Storage Solutions

11 January 2019

Trimetals Protect-A-Cycle Pro

The popularity in using bikes as a means of transport has increased in recent years, with many people opting for this cheaper, healthier and more environmentally friendly form of travel. However, a good bike can be expensive, as well as quite a bulky item to keep at home, so ensuring that you have a safe and convenient place to store your bike when it’s not in use is integral.

In this blog, we will take a look at the various options there are currently available to help store your bike.

Ceiling/Wall Mounts

These mounts are incredibly popular if you don’t have a garden and are unsure about the safety of your bike being left on the street outside. The mounts attach to your wall, so you are able to store your bike off the floor and out of the way.  This is particularly helpful if you don’t want your bike being a trip hazard as people move around your space, however, not everyone wants a bike as a wall feature. They are rather large and bulky, as well as causing grubby marks on your wall as you take the bike off and on.

Secure Lock

A simple solution is to lock your bike outside your home, on the street, to a lamppost or dedicated cycle stand (if you are lucky to have on nearby). There are a number of incredibly secure locks on the market, which are difficult to break for thieves, however, no lock is truly tamperproof. Also, leaving your bike outside makes it vulnerable to the outdoor elements, which may cause damage, such as rust, to occur quite quickly.

Free Standing Racks

These range in size, so can be used to store as many bikes as you need. They are easy to assemble, generally attaching to a garden wall, and keep your bike tucked securely away. 

Bicycle Covers

If your main concern about your bicycle storage is to protect your bike from outside elements, then a bicycle cover is all you need, and it’s a relatively cheap option too. They can be simply placed over your bike, protecting them from extreme weather and its detrimental effects.

Garden Sheds

If your garden shed is generally an unused space which sits gathering dust and spiders, then you may consider turning it into a dedicated bike storage room. This keeps your bike safe, secure and out of the way. However, wooden sheds can be prone to damp, which may affect the condition of your bike and therefore a secure metal shed may be the better option.

Metal Bike Sheds

These purpose-built bike sheds have been created specifically to house your bike safely. They not only keep thieves at bay, but are guaranteed to protect your bike from any damage that extreme weather can cause. Ranging in size, they are an easily-accessible storage system that means you can put away your bike safe in the knowledge that it will be secure until you need it again.

At GBC, we have a fabulous collection of bike storage solutions, including our TriMetals bike sheds. These flat pack metal sheds come with many benefits and security certifications that make them a worthwhile investment. These superb buildings also come with a 25-year panel guarantee, are fire resistant and are maintenance free! What’s not to love?!

Posted by Matt Jordan

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