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We spend years turning our gardens into beautiful landscapes that even Monty Don would be impressed by, only to be confronted with the unsightly but necessary need for wheelie bins! But worry not, as ugly as they may look on your beautiful manicured lawn, here are some clever ways you can disguise them whilst making them easily accessible when bin days rolls around.

Wheelie Bin Shed

There are some rather tasteful wheelie bin sheds around, many made from cedar wood to help them fit into the natural surroundings of your garden. They vary in size, generally offering capacity for up to as much as 5 bins, as well as shelved units for recycling boxes. The roofs of the sheds open separately so you can put your rubbish bags directly into your stored bins without having to pull them out. When bin day comes, simply wheel your bins out onto the street, then return them into the wooden structure and close the doors, keeping the bins, and the smell, hidden away from sight (as well as foxes).

Potted Plants

Positioning plants beside your bins can help distract from their presence. Tall plants in tall containers work well, as do small trees. The gorgeous foliage will help distract from the bin monstrosity they are placed next to.


Using trellis panels, construct a 3-sided screen around your bins, you need one side free to be able to access the bins. Either weight the trellis down or attach them to a wall or fence. You can paint the trellis, or start to grow climbing plants which will gradually cover the trellis, hiding the bins even more.


To save time and money, utilise one of your garden structures. If you already have a secure shed erected in your garden, convert part of it into a bin shed, by clearing space for the bins to reside. If you don’t want it to impinge on the rest of the space, then build the bins into a cupboard so they cannot be seen.

Create a Living Roof

One issue that people often have with constructing a bin shed is that they can look unsightly. Try to integrate these structures into your garden by turning them their very own feature. Adapt the roof of the structure into a living roof, by adding a flower bed, complete with soil, small flowers and foliage.

Have you found that your wheelie bins have become an eyesore? Does the idea of outdoor bin storage sound right up your street? Well, then look no further than GBC’s fabulous range of outdoor bin storage. We have storage in a range of sizes, as well as materials, from wooden to metal, so you are sure to find a structure to fit your requirements. To talk through all your options, call our fabulous and friendly customer service team on 0800 999 0123 today!

Posted by Matt Jordan

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