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Nordic Iona Greenhouse

Whilst many of us spend time organising and cleaning the inside of our homes on a regular basis, the outside of our property can often be overlooked, with greenhouses being one of the biggest culprits. However, whilst regular greenhouse cleaning may seem like a chore, there are a huge number of advantages having a clean greenhouse can bring.

Better Ventilation

Greenhouse air vents can gather dust and other debris which can cause the air to have greater difficulty circulating in and out of the space. This stale, unmoving air will slowly start to affect the growth of your plants. Regular cleaning of air vents will help your plants stay healthy and grow better.

Pest Control

As the green-fingered amongst us know, pests are the bane of most gardeners’ lives. Greenhouses attract a variety of pests, including slugs, red spider mites and mealy bugs. Whilst there are no magic solutions for complete pest avoidance, keeping your greenhouse clean will help to keep the pesky bugs at bay.

Better Light

Over time, greenhouse windows can get start to get grubby. Not only does this look unappealing, but it will start to affect the light entering the greenhouse which will cause issues with your plant growth as well as the ambient temperature of the space. Regular glass cleaning will help keep your Victorian greenhouse light, bright and warm.

Less Hazards

Cleaning also means tidying, and tidying is essential in a greenhouse, especially with chemicals and tools around. Ensure all items have a home, off the floor, to avoid tripping hazards and make sure they are tidied away regularly.

How to Clean a Greenhouse

  • Remove all debris from inside and outside of your greenhouse. For a proper deep clean, you may also want to take out everything that is removeable, such as benches and pots, to ensure every part of your greenhouse is accessible.
  • Wash the outside of your greenhouse with warm water and a sponge. You may want to use disinfectant but make sure it is suitable for use near plants. For hard to reach areas, use a mop or sponge with an extendable arm.
  • Look for broken or cracked panes and repair.
  • Any wooden frames should also be inspected to check that there is no rot developing.
  • Before starting on the inside of your greenhouse switch off and disconnect any electrics.
  • Sweep away any leaves, soil, dirt and cobwebs on the floor and wall.
  • Clean the inside of the glass and any surfaces. Again, if using a disinfectant, make sure that is plant friendly.
  • Clean all air vents.
  • Check all windows and vents work properly, lubricating joints and hinges if needs be.
  • Thoroughly clean any items you have removed before returning them.

From Alton greenhouses to Robinsons greenhouses, GBC Group have a greenhouse to fit every taste, requirement and wallet size. Take a look at our website or call one of our friendly greenhouse specialists, who will talk you through all your options. 


Posted by Matt Jordan

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