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Malvern Stanford Shed

Your garden shed is a building with many different uses. Be it for storage of garden supplies, a workshop, a home office or even a trendy “She Shed”. Your shed is an often overlooked design challenge that can be a really fun project to work on. We have 5 top tips to spruce up your shed that can make it look good while working for you.

Storage Solutions

Garden sheds are often full to the brim of tools, equipment and random ‘outdoorsy’ things you’ve accumulated over the years. However, an untidy shed could be a safety hazard and you should consider storage solutions. Keep your tools away in draws to avoid any accidents or consider putting up a pegboard to keep larger tools like spades and rakes off the floor. A pegboard is also a great feature wall to have in your shed. Tidying up and creating floor space for you to actually use your garden shed is a simple way to spruce it up.


If you’re looking for a complete change you could paint your garden shed - inside or outside! Luckily there are paints available with sheds specifically in mind but if you want to choose a different one go for a paint that’s formulated for rough sawn timber. Painting the inside of your shed can make it feel more like an extension of your house that you want to spend time in rather than just a garden shed. Go for bright colours to make a statement and have some fun or go for a country pale palette or even just a deep varnish will give your shed the refresh it truly needs.


If you’re using your shed for something other than storage, why not decorate it with some art, plants or other accessories? You can treat your shed as you would any other room in your house and if it’s well insulated and kept free from damp, then there’s no reason not to add some style to your shed.

Summer Hangout

You might want to consider to turning your garden shed into a summer hangout for yourself, family and friends. If you have kids in your family you could add some beanbags and bright colours to make a fun den for them. Or if you’re not looking to entertain, you could turn your garden shed into your own oasis, fit with a bookshelf, comfortable chair and blanket and you’ve got yourself a reading nook.


Thrifting is always fun and when it comes to looking for furniture for your garden shed there’s an abundance of patio chairs and garden tables in charity shops. Get some fold away ones so you can save on storage and if they’re a bit rusty or out of shape try to restore them for a fun project!

For more information about our fabulous collection of sheds and garden buildings, get in touch with our friendly and highly experienced team today. 

Posted by Matt Jordan

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