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Malvern Holt Apex Shed

 “Itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout…” for any spider-fearing person, these innocent nursery rhyme lyrics are enough to send a hundred shivers down your spine, so imagine how an arachnophobic would react to seeing a number of our 8-legged furry friends scurrying across their shed floor? Unfortunately, outdoor buildings and spiders tend to go hand in hand, which can be pretty difficult for anyone who finds spiders particularly ghastly. However, help is here with our blog on 5 ways to keep those spiders at bay:

Secure Windows and Doors

Spiders are sneaky little things and will find any nook and cranny to squeeze through. Ensuring all the doors and windows in your shed are as airtight as possible by using draft seals will help reduce the chances of them getting in. These seals also have the added bonus of helping to insulate your small shed, keeping it warmer in the winter months.

Regular Cleaning

Trying to maintain regular cleaning of your shed will not only help remove any spiders that have found their way into the shed, but will also help remove anything that entices them in. Cleaning doesn’t necessarily mean getting down on your hands and knees and scrubbing every inch of the shed with a toothbrush, just general sweeping and removal of cobwebs will do, with the occasional deeper clean if possible.

Colour Choice

Believe it or not, but there are certain colours that repel spiders, specifically blue. The reasons behind this vary depending on the source you read. Some believe it’s because the insects see the blue as the sky and so aren’t drawn to it. Others are convinced it’s the lime that is mixed with the paint that acts as deterrent, but bearing in mind lime has not been used for many years in paint, this is unlikely to be the real reason. Regardless of the science behind it, there are many people who testify to the power of blue paint when it comes to deterring all types of creepy crawlies. So, if your shed is in need of a bit of an external make-over, then blue might be the perfect colour choice.

Spider Repellent Lining Paper

Yes, there is such a thing as spider repellent paper. This miracle material has been designed to deter spiders from entering your shed. The paper needs to be placed around any access points in your shed, namely doors and windows, as well as any obvious gaps in the shed’s façade.

Roofing Felt

A slightly costlier method, but heavy-duty roofing felt works wonders in keeping out those pesky pests. However, the process is slightly more involved as your roof needs to be constructed with the thick felt, which can be a time-consuming task. The heavy material provides fantastic protection against any small insects, as well as giving the added benefit of shielding your shed from the weather outside and keeping it insulated.

 So, if you are keen to purchase a heavy duty shed but have always been put off by the idea of spiders making it their new home, then by following some of our handy hints you may indeed have the bug free outdoor building you have always dreamed of.

Posted by Matt Jordan

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