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5 Benefits of Greenhouse Gardening

For the green-fingered amongst us, greenhouses have long been a staple part of our garden set up. However, if you are new to the gardening game then you may be wondering whether a greenhouse is a worthwhile investment and what exactly are the benefits of a greenhouse? In this blog, we look at 5 reasons why buying a greenhouse is a good idea.

  1. Save on shopping bills

    With the price of groceries increasing, seemingly daily, it makes sense to try and make some savings where possible. By growing your own fruit and vegetables in your lean to greenhouse you can be sure that your family is kept in fruit and veg all year round, whilst saving you money in the weekly shop. Also, there is nothing quite as satisfying as tucking into a meal made using your own home-grown ingredients.

  2. Ideal Environment

    Greenhouses provide a unique environment for your plants to thrive. Not only are they shielded from rough weather, such as wind or frost, but the warm and humid environment offers a place for your vegetation to truly flourish. This will also help them to grow faster and gives you control over their growth too.

  3. All Year-Round Gardening

    Greenhouses give you control over the temperature inside, thus offering you the ability to garden all year round. So, instead of impatiently waiting for the correct season to make an appearance, you can start planting anytime of the year without fear of your beloved plants either not sprouting or being destroyed by the winter weather.

  4. Try Something New

    The Great British weather can inhibit our gardening ability somewhat, given the often cold and soggy summers we experience. But greenhouses provide you with a space in which you can let your imagination and green fingers run wild, planting things usually reserved for much hotter climates such as exotic flowers or tropical fruit.

  5. All Under One Roof

    Trying to find a place to house all your gardening tools within easy reach and access to your garden can be frustrating. Although tool sheds would do the same job for storing your gardening equipment, a greenhouse allows to you to keep everything you need under one roof, right next to your plants, so you are never too far from a handy trowel.

Posted by Matt Jordan

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