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12ft x 6ft Robinsons Lean-to Greenhouse in White Colour Finish

A lean-to greenhouse is, just as the name suggests - a greenhouse that ‘leans’. More often than not, it is against one’s house, although any tall existing solid wall will suffice. In a garden with a limited area, they are a great ‘space saver’. Although not completely water-tight, on some occasions, these buildings have been used as an outdoor sitting area. Being single glazed and constructed with an aluminium frame, they are considerably cheaper than a conservatory.

5 key benefits to lean to greenhouses


When choosing a greenhouse for your garden, one of the main things you consider is space. Greenhouses tend to be large structures that are separate from the house so take up a lot of valuable garden space.

To have a greenhouse without wasting valuable garden space is ideal. Most lean to greenhouses come in many different sizes, meaning you can customise based of the space you have left.


Fixed against a solid wall means that lean to greenhouses keep a much more consistent temperature throughout the year. This solid wall acts as a heat sink and absorbs the heat during the day and slowly releases it into the greenhouse at night. This slow release of heat helps keep the greenhouse at a consistent temperature instead of their being a sudden drop at night.

This also means that there is no need for double glazing or heating in your greenhouse during the winter as the solid wall protects it from sudden temperature changes.


Tending to your plants and looking after your greenhouse is easier if the lean to greenhouse is against your house as you have an easier access to water, electricity and gas. It also saves you from trekking through the freezing winter weather to your greenhouse.


Having a greenhouse that is attached to your home can look incredibly appealing. Bringing your garden to right to your house can make them one. There are lots of different styles of lean-to greenhouses and there are lots of different sizes. Colourful smaller greenhouses can make a cool statement against your house or you could still go for a bigger size if your garden allows for it.

Makes gardening simple

Being able to walk into your lean to greenhouse in your slippers with a coffee in one hand and your watering can in the other can make gardening an even more relaxing task than it already is.

There are lots of different shapes, sizes and styles of lean to greenhouses available today, so make sure you take a look at our full collection of greenhouses for sale.

Posted by Matt Jordan

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