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Greenhouse Up Staging - Two Tier

Greenhouse Up Staging - Two Tier

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Product Description

High quality two-tier staging gives you more area for your plants and pots in your greenhouse. Easy nut and bolt assembly Two Tier Staging is available with slats or trays.

Framework - cross-braced 1 x 1" x 1/16" aluminium angle bolted together with aluminium nuts & bolts. Using long lengths of aluminium combined with additional bracing below the top level & between the legs gives a much better load bearing capacity than other designs available.

30" (75cm) high - to allow plenty of room for storage below the staging.
Surface - select either aluminium trays or 2¼" (6cm) wide aluminium slats.
Trays - 7/8" deep aluminium trays (made from 1mm thick sheet) sit in the supporting framework. The trays are reversible, use as a gravel tray or turn over to form a flat level surface ideal for capillary watering, remove the trays to allow tall plants to be grown through the framework, which they can use for support.
Slats - 2¼" (6cm) wide aluminium slats which are spaced 1½ " (4cm) apart on the staging, fully adjustable to suit different pot sizes but a tight fit so they stay firmly in place.

If our standard range of sizes do not suit your exact requirements then please give us a call, we will be pleased to tailor to your exact dimensions - usually at No Extra Cost.

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