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Vitopod Propagator

Vitopod Propagator

Your Price: £135.99

Product Description

The perfect propagator to suit your exact growing needs.

Available in two sizes and with optional extra cover panels, this propagator will allow you to create the best environment to grow your seeds and cuttings.

Precise temperature control - with the easy to set thermostat you can select any temperature between 5-30 degrees Centigrade (+/- one degree).

Even base heat - the bottom tray of the Vitopod holds a sealed heating element connected to a thermostat, so there is no chance for hot or cold spots resulting in uniform plant growth.

Exactly the right humidity - large butterfly vents in both the lid and sides of the Vitopod enable you to have maximum control over the humidity in the propagator.

Long lasting - the crystal clear sides and top of the propagator allow maximum light to your plants and being UV protected will allow years of use without yellowing.

Available in two sizes
- Standard Vitopod - 19¾" x 19¾"x 9½"
- Large Vitopod - 19¾" x 39½" x 9½".