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Plunge/Propagating Tray

Plunge/Propagating Tray

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Product Description

Long lasting deep aluminium tray for using as a plunge area or as a propagating area.

Designed to be used as a plunge area (e.g. for alpines) by filling with coarse sand or gravel or turn it into a heated propagating tray by adding a soil warming cable.

How to use

  1. Start with a layer of course grit
  2. Cover with a 1" layer of coarse sand (not builders sand)
  3. Lay soil warming cables
  4. Cover with a further 1" of sand
  5. Ontop put either growing medium for direct rooting of cuttings or more sand for seed trays or pots.

These trays will be heavy to lift when full. Put them on a STRONG bench before filling.

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