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Grow Light Garden

Grow Light Garden

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Product Description

Grow crops out of season season with the Grow Light Garden

Available in two sizes:
Micro - 19¾" long x 8" wide x 17¾" high (50cm x 20cm x 45cm), 11 watt power consumption, 6' mains lead.
Standard - 24½" long x 16" wide x 18½" high (62cm x 40cm x 47cm), 48 watt power consumption, 6' mains lead. 

Each propagator consists of: 

An adjustable canopy - fitted with high efficiency, high output, full spectrum (6400K) grow lights. These lights use less power than a standard light bulb and provide 10,000 hours of use. Nanotech reflectors reduce heat build-up and maximise performance by reflecting 100% of the light towards the plants. Supplied with four reusable, tough growing trays - for easy succession planting.

A self-watering tray - fitting within the base of the propagator is a raised platform and piece of capillary matting to cover the insert. This acts as a self-watering tray and will hold sufficient water for up to 14 days (subject to climate conditions).

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