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Outdoor Pest Repeller

Outdoor Pest Repeller

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Product Description

The low, medium and high settings will deter different pests, letting you pick and choose which animals you would like to keep away.

How it works - The four speakers emit a powerful, ultrasonic sound, normally undetectable to humans but which unnerves animals. Simply select the frequency against the animals you'd like to repel;

Frequency '1' - 38 - 42 KHz This is most effective against rats, small cats, squirrels, rabbits and similar sized pests

Frequency '2' - 23 - 27 KHz Use this setting to repel larger cats, small dogs and other medium sized animals.

Frequency '3' - 18 - 20 KHz Should be used to repel large dogs, foxes, badgers, deer and other larger animals

Automatic Operation Mode - You can set the unit to be activated automatically via the PIR movement sensor. This will give a burst of sound for 5 seconds when movement is detected within a radius of 15m.

Pre-Set Operation Mode - You can also set the unit to be activated for 5 seconds every 2 or 5 minutes.

Display - A Red LED light on the front of the unit shows you when power is on and a Blue LED to show when sound is being emitted.

Power source - Supplied complete with a 6v, AC/DC mains plug adapter and 10m extension cable with jack plug. It can also be powered using the Solar Panel Power Kit. (available separately)

Mounting and Fixing - Fully IP44 rated and weather proof, it also includes a 40cm (16") stake for securing into soft ground and an adjustable bracket suitable for fixing to walls, fences or wooden posts.

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