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Restol Wood Oil - Brown

Restol Wood Oil - Brown

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Product Description

This is the traditional and classic Brown colour of the Restol Wood Oil range.

Why Choose Restol Wood Oil?

Have you ever bought a brand new summerhouse or garden pergola and marvelled at how beautiful it looks, only to look back a few months later and be disappointed how aged it now looks? Restol Wood Oil combats this! For over 40 years this product has been used across Europe preserving and maintaining timber from anything to garden fences to timber clad homes.

Restol Wood Oil is based on linseed oil. Linseed oil provides the best protection for external wood as it penetrates deep into the wood grain and leaves a thin protective coating on the surface giving a natural appearance. It repels water and protects against mould. It also keeps your timber looking new and protects against UV damage and discolouration.

What's the difference between paint, stain and Restol Wood Oil?

Ideal for:

Coverage Advice:
1 Litre will cover approximately 12 - 16m². It is recommended that 2 – 3 coats be applied. This can be used on untreated wood and hardwoods.

Building Size Quantity
6ft x 4ft (1.83m x 1.22m) 2.5L
8ft x 6ft (2.44m x 1.83m) 5L
10ft x 6ft (3.05m x 1.83m) 5L
12ft x 6ft (3.66m x 1.83m) 5L
14ft x 6ft(4.27m x 1.83m) 8L
16ft x 6ft (4.88m x 1.83m) 10L
10ft x 8ft (3.05m x 2.44m) 5L
12ft x 8ft (3.66m x 2.44m) 8L
14ft x 8ft (4.27m x 2.44m) 10L
16ft x 8ft (4.88m x 2.44m) 10L
18ft x 8ft (5.49m x 2.44m) 10L
10ft x 10ft (3.05m x 3.05m) 8L
Building Size Quantity
12ft x 10ft (3.66m x 3.05m) 10L
14ft x 10ft (4.27m x 3.05m) 10L
16ft x 10ft (4.88m x 3.05m) 10L
18ft x 10ft (5.49m x 3.05m) 10L
20ft x 10ft (6.10m x 3.05m) 15L
14ft x 12ft (4.27m x 3.66m) 12L
16ft x 12ft (4.88m x 3.66m) 12L
16ft x 25ft (4.88m x 7.62m) 20L
18ft x 12ft (5.49m x 3.66m) 15L
20ft x 12ft (6.10m x 3.66m) 15L
23ft x 16ft (7.00m x 4.90m) 20L
33ft x 12ft (10.00m x 3.66m) 25L

These quantities are approximate and based on 3 applications

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