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Garden Irrigation

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Iriso T Connector (Iriso Watering Kit Components)

Simply push your 4mm tubing onto each end of the T Connector and then connect up to your dripper.

  • For use with Iriso watering kit
  • Diverts water in two directions
  • Simple to use
  • One T needed for each dripper


Iriso Tank Connector (Iriso Watering Components)

Simply drill a 10mm hole in to the side of your water tank around 1" from the base and push the connector into place - leaving the rim of the connector on the outside of the tank.

  • For use with Iriso watering kit
  • Connects water butt to kit
  • Drill needed
  • Strong black plastic


Iriso Tubing - Per Meter (Iriso Watering Components)

Iriso Tubing is sold by the meter, allowing you to choose how long your kit is, for use in larger greenhouses and gardens.

  • For use with Iriso watering kit
  • Sold per metre
  • Strong
  • Flexible


Automatic Reservoir Tank for �" Watering Systems

For use with �" drip watering systems, this handy reservoir tank will help you to control the pressure of mains water through your drip system.

  • For use with �" drip systems
  • Control pressure of mains water
  • Includes mounting brackets
  • Ball valve allows automatic filling


Mister Head (Watering System)

Misting is a great way to water your plants as it is so delicate, your plants and seedlings will not be damaged or flattened as they can be using a normal watering can or hose pipe.

  • 30ft diameter coverage
  • For delicate watering
  • Will not damage plants
  • Ideal for seedlings


Oasis Self Watering System

The Oasis Self Watering Kit requires no mains water or electricity for up to 40 days of worry-free watering.

  • Water plants for up to 40 days
  • Powered by 9v battery
  • Tank tubing & drippers
  • Tube stakes to secure tubing


Quarter Inch Elbow (Drip Bag System)

Made from strong black plastic with barbed fittings, simply push your ¼" tubing firmly in place to allow water to flow around corners to reach every part of your greenhouse or garden.

  • For use with drip bag system
  • Diverts water around corners
  • Strong black plastic
  • Barbed fitting


Quarter Inch Plug (Drip Bag System)

Simply push the ¼" Plug on to the end of your ¼" Drip Bag Watering System tubing to end the run finishing the line of watering tubing.

  • For use with drip bag system
  • Caps off tubing run
  • Simply push in to tube
  • Internal barbs for secure fit


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