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Garden Irrigation

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Drip Bag Watering system

With no need to have mains water you simply fill the strong two gallon bag with water and let it continuously water your plants throughout the day.

  • Adjustable water output
  • Contains 5 metres of ¼" tubing
  • Includes 6 drip nozzles
  • Includes ¼" end plug


Drip Bag Watering System Add On Bag

By adding extra bags to this already great system you can reduce the frequency of refilling, allowing you to leave your greenhouse knowing that your plants are being looked after whilst you are not there.

  • Holds 2 gallons of water
  • Includes 1mtr of �" tubing
  • Includes 'T' shaped connector


Drip Nozzles (Drip Bag System)

The Drip Nozzle can be used to water large plants directly or allow the water to drip on to water mats to allow smaller plants to take up the water - as they need it.

  • For use with drip bag system
  • Contains barbed fittings
  • Simply push in to tube
  • 1¼" deep x 1½" long


Guttermate Rain Diverter

This clever diverter is simple to install and can be fitted to either round down pipes (68mm or 78mm diameter) or square down pipes (65mm).

  • Easy to install
  • Has built in filters to collect debris
  • Auto shut off feature
  • Includes fixing screws and bracket


Half to Quarter Inch Reducer (Drip Bag System)

The �" to �" reducer lets you connect your hose pipe straight on to the �" Drip Bag Watering System fittings.

  • For use with drip bag system
  • Connects hosepipe to system
  • �" to �" reducer
  • Robust black plastic


Impulse Sprinkler (Watering System)

By using the Impulse Sprinkler, you can choose to water full circle areas or small or narrow sections by simply adjusting the sprinkler head.

  • Made from brass and alloy
  • Water cover 60 - 80ft
  • Adjustable sprinkler head
  • Simple to use


Iriso Dripper (Iriso Watering Kit Components)

Each Dripper connects to 4mm tubing by pushing the tube onto the drippers barbed fitting.

  • For use with Iriso watering kit
  • Adjustable lid for water output
  • �" in diameter
  • 4�" long


Iriso Support Spike (Iriso Watering Kit Components)

This hand spike attaches to your watering bottle allowing you to fit a piece of 4mm tubing to a dripper for continuous watering.

  • For use with Iriso watering kit
  • Attaches to watering bottle


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