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Iriso Watering Kit

Iriso Watering Kit

Your Price: £29.99

Product Description

Create your own easy-to-use versatile watering system!

This superb watering system allows you to take complete control of your plants' watering needs.

These kits are so easy to use - you simply attach the kits to your water butt or any large container by drilling a 9mm hole and inserting the tube.

Then all you need to do is cut your tube, insert a dripper, and then repeat the process until you have the required number of drippers to water all of your pots.

Each dripper can be adjusted to suit each plant's individual needs and will water an area of around 10" in diameter.

Two Iriso Kits are available:

12 Plant Kit

20 Plant Kit

To allow the Iriso Watering system to run efficiently, please make sure that your tank or water butt is positioned at least 50cm higher than the plants you wish to water.

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