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Garden Irrigation

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Iriso Watering Kit

These kits are so easy to use - you simply attach the kits to your water butt or any large container by drilling a 9mm hole and inserting the tube.

  • Connects to water butt
  • Adjustable drippers
  • Choice of 12 or 20 plant kit
  • Drippers, tubing & connectors

Prices from £29.99

5 Quarter Inch Stakes (Drip Bag System)

Ideal for securing your ½" tubing into hanging baskets and containers, these stakes push 3½" into the soil, or directly in to the ground, inside or outside of your greenhouse.

  • For use with drip bag system
  • Packs of 5
  • Secure tubing in place
  • Ideal for hanging baskets


Water Matting (sold by the metre)

Water matting is the modern replacement for sand and gravel. The matting is 3/8" (10mm) thick and has a huge water holding capacity - it can hold 12 pints per square yard.

  • 3/8" thick water matting
  • Holds of 12 pints per sq. yd
  • Dark grey
  • Supplied in 5 widths

Prices from £1.45

Shelf Tray Water Mats

Use the Water Mats as a handy alternative to sand or gravel.

  • 1cm thick water matting
  • High holding capacity
  • Dark grey colour
  • Supplied in pairs

Prices from £2.90

Adjustable Tripod (Watering System)

Adjustable from 24" - 36", this tripod allows you to elevate your sprinkler or mister bar to gain greater height when watering plants.

  • Adjustable height
  • Connects to garden hose
  • Protects plants from spray damage
  • Use any brand connector


Aquazoom Sprinkler

This precise sprinkler allows you to have control of the area you wish to water as you can set the sprinkler to cover certain areas.

  • Covers 28 - 350 square metres
  • For lawns, beds and borders
  • Adjust range from 7 - 21 meters
  • Adjust width - from 4 - 17 meters


Brass 3 Arm Sprinkler (Watering System)

The Brass 3 Arm Sprinkler will water an area of up to 16ft in diameter (depending on the water pressure) and is ideal for watering individual areas and small gardens.

  • Made from solid brass
  • Waters area up to 16ft in diameter
  • Ideal for small gardens
  • Soft rain like spray


Darlec Electronic Water Timer

Simple and easy to use, just set the dials from 1 - 24 times a day and time from 1min - 2 hours to ensure you plants have all the water they need - whenever they need it.

  • Set from 1 - 24 times a day
  • Set time from 1min - 2hrs
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Designed to fit �" screw tap


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