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Greenhouse Heating & Insulation

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Bio Green Palma Greenhouse Heater

A robust but compact 2kw electric greenhouse heater.

  • Standard or digital models
  • For greenhouses up to 8'x10'
  • Meets IPX4 safety standards
  • 2KW output

Prices from £111.95

Super Alliplugs

To attach any lining to the inside of your greenhouse simply push the Alliplug through the lining material then twist and lock into your glazing bars. A washer is provided to stop your lining material from ripping.

  • Twist and lock
  • Fits in glazing bar channels
  • Washer to stop lining ripping
  • Sold in packs of 30


Tiny Heater

This great easy-to-use paraffin heater will keep smaller greenhouses or cold frames frost-free during the winter months.

  • 150 watt output
  • � gallon capacity
  • Burns up to 14 days
  • Ideal for small greenhouses


Tiny Heater Spare Wicks

These handy replacement wicks are designed to be used with the Tiny Heater and are sold in packs of 2.

  • For use with tiny heater
  • Packs of 2
  • �in wide and 5in long
  • Easy to fit


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