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Product Description

Keep your greenhouse frost free whilst keeping costs down with Heatsheets Insulation.

This greenhouse insulation easily clips to the inside of your greenhouse creating a lining that retains heat whilst keeping your plants and seeds frost-free. Made from two layers of polythene that create small air pockets to trap heat and keep it inside.

At 26" wide the Heatsheets overlap by 1", fix easily to standard 2' wide greenhouse glazing channels and are UV light stabilized. SOmetimes this product is referred to as bubble wrap of bubblewrap.

Heat sheets are priced at £0.80 per m.

To completely line a greenhouse with Heatsheets use the guide below:

6' x 4' 28m
6' x 6' 31m
6' x 8' 37m
8' x 8' 43m
8' x 10' 49m
8' x 12' 55m

Tip: For use inside an alumimium greenhouse use Super Alliplugs to fix into glazing bars. For timber greenhouses use wood pins to hold the insulation material in place.

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