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Greenhouse Fittings

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Cropped Bolts & Nuts

When using crop head bolts you can fix or add accessories, such as shelving and staging.

  • Available in two lengths
  • Packs of 10 or 50
  • Turn to lock into position
  • Rectangular shaped head

Prices from £1.55

Greenhouse Door Wheels

These strong, nylon, greenhouse door wheels are suitable for most makes of greenhouse

  • Strong nylon material
  • Supplied with nuts and bolts
  • Available in two sizes
  • Packs of 2

Prices from £6.65

Round Head Bolts and Nuts

The bolts come with a slotted head so they can be fixed in place with a large, flat head screw driver.

  • 3/8" long
  • Aluminium
  • Slotted round head
  • For most greenhouse benching

Prices from £1.35

Brick Base Anchoring Kit

If your greenhouse has a brick built base, our anchoring kit which consists of 10 unequal aluminium angles, plastic plugs and stainless steel screws, is a helpful acquisition. The aluminium angles are bolted to the cill and then with the use of the plug and screws, are secured to the brickwork.

  • 10 pack of angle brackets
  • Aluminium
  • Includes plugs and screws
  • Available in 6 colours

Prices from £14.00

Elite Neoprene Gasket

This glazing gasket is PVC based and has a life span in excess of 15 years. Available in black or grey, it must be pre threaded in to the glazing bars prior to assembly. This is specially designed to fit Elite Greenhouses and can not be guaranteed on any other make.

  • Life span in excess of 15 years
  • PVC based
  • Available in black or grey
  • available in 50 and 100ft lengths

Prices from £10.00

Nut Caps

For a more professional finish, these nut covers are used in conjunction with powder coated products and effectively hide the nuts. Available in black, green or white.

  • Sold in packs of 50 or 500
  • Available in black, green or white
  • Effectively hides nuts
  • Easy to use

Prices from £5.00

Bolts Nuts and Rings

Add a strong tying point to your greenhouse.

  • Crop head fitting
  • Easily slots in to glazing bars
  • Supplied in packs of 10
  • Rings included


Draught Excluder - 6ft

A black offset T-section that slides into the back of the door to fill any space between the door and frame which can also double up as a door stop.

  • Black
  • 6ft length
  • Doubles up as a door stop
  • East to install


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