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Garden Cloches

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Cloche Hoop Packs

Create your own cloches using cloche hoops.

  • Long lasting
  • Protects your plants
  • To make 12ft long cloche
  • Easy to use

Prices from £49.99

Access Glass Bell Cloches

The glass cloche or ‘bell jar’ is formed from a solid piece of glass formed into a dome shape

  • Hand blown
  • Victorian style
  • Protects your plants
  • 3 sizes available

Prices from £25.95

Bell Cloches

Bell Cloches are shaped to capture maximum light to promote vigorous growth in your plants. Along with protecting your plants, they also direct condensation to run down their sides into the surrounding soil.

  • Choice of two sizes
  • Extremely strong plastic
  • Adjustable air vents
  • Pack of three

Prices from £8.99

Cloche Pegs (pack of 12)

A pack of 12 cloche pegs to anchor your bell cloche into the ground.

  • Secure cloches in place
  • 6" long
  • Galvanised steel
  • Pack of 12


Large Micromesh Tunnel Cloche

This Large Tunnel is made using super strong rust proof galvanised steel hoops and ultra-fine mesh - giving your plants protection from pests such as aphids, carrot-fly, root-fly, birds and animals.

  • Super strong
  • Galvanised steel hoops
  • Ultra-fine mesh
  • Closable drawstring ends

Prices from £24.99

Super Cloche Clips

Make your own cloches using and suitable material you may have using the Super Cloche Clips.

  • Sold in Packs of 2, 6 or 12
  • For materials 6 - 3mm thick
  • Made from aluminium
  • BZP treated fittings

Prices from £3.50

Tunnel Cloches

This strong cloche tunnel is made from galvanised steel hoops that can be covered in either 5mm high density polyethylene netting, tough 150 micron polythene or high grade 30gsm fleece and will provide shading from sunlight, protection from pests such as insects and shelter from harsh weather.

  • Galvanised steel hoops
  • Choice of covers
  • Two sizes
  • Provides protection to plants

Prices from £16.99

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