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Swop Top System

Swop Top System

Swop Top System

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Product Description

Clean and water hard to reach spots with the Swap Top Telescopic Aluminium Pole!

This versatle lightweight pole is part of our great swap top system that allows you to easily change the head from brushes to squeegees to pruning attachments.

Fully extendable, this aluminium pole will help you reach greenhouse roofs, high hedges and trees and hanging baskets with ease, it can also be used closed when doing groundwork.

The Telescopic Aluminium Pole is available in 2 lengths with various head attachments.

Standard 4'3" extends to 8' 1/2KG
Long 5'11" extends to 16'5" 1KG

Optional Attachments for the Swop Top System

Spiral Flow Hose

Used with the Telescopic Aluminium pole, this spiral hose extends to the length of the pole allowing water to reach awkward spots. Simply connect your hose pipe using the snap-on connector at the base of the pole and use the on/off valve to adjust the water flow. The Spiral Flow Hose extends up to 5 meters in length, so you will not miss a spot when cleaning!

Soft Brush Head

This 9¾" wide brush is soft enough to use when cleaning greenhouse glazing, conservatories and even painted surfaces without scratching or leaving marks. Ideal for using with our Telescopic aluminium pole and Spiral Flow hose, this great attachment will even make cleaning upstairs windows a breeze.

Soap Dispenser

Another great addition to our swap top system, the Soap Dispenser can be used with our Telescopic Aluminium Pole or on its own with any normal garden hose. Although we call it a soap dispenser, you can use this with liquid or powder detergents, fertiliser and even weed killer. You can control the flow of water through the Soap Dispenser by using the control dial on the top. The maximum liquid capacity is 100ml.


The 10" wide Squeegee is a two sided attachment for our Telescopic Aluminium Pole that cleans and dries glass surfaces. Using the soft foam side you can remove dirt and marks and then use the firm rubber blade to dry the glass, preventing streaks, water marks and drips.

Soap Dispenser

A robust container that can be filled with any type of powdered or liquid detergent or plant feed. Complete with flow rate control tap. Easily switch from water, water and mix or stop the flow completely.

Flexible Gutter Cleaner

When used with the Spiral Flow Hose and Telescopic Pole, the Flexible Gutter Cleaner makes light work of clearing debris that has built up in guttering. The Flexible Gutter Cleaner has a rotating head and can be bent to any angle making it ideal for not only guttering but for watering hanging baskets too. You can also alter the spray output from jet to fine by rotating the nozzle.

Geared Pruning Head

Using a quadruple pulley mechanism and geared arm the Geared Pruning Head will help you cut through branches up to 1½ thick.This pruning head comes with a strong blade that will always give a clean cut.

Traditional Saw

This curved saw is designed to bite downwards onto the wood, giving you the ability to saw through thick, out-of-reach branches. This saw can also be used without the telescopic pole as a useful hand saw.